Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampons, Towels & Liners

Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampons, Towels & Liners A Mum Reviews

Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampons, Towels & Liners

Periods are a natural part of being a woman and they’re not much fun, are they? What doesn’t make them better is that most of the products on the shelves of our shops are full of chemicals and toxins and are not very good for us to use in one of the most delicate areas of our bodies. Most of the big brands that make tampons use some cotton but also a mixture of viscose rayon, propylene, plastics, and other harmful ingredients. Not so nice.

I try to use reusable sanitary pads as much as I can but tampons are much more practical when I’m out and about and then it’s nice that there are a few brands that care about the safety of their customers.Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampons, Towels & Liners A Mum Reviews

Veeda is one of those brands and they make tampons, pads and liners made from 100% cotton which is much better for you, of course.

“No Synthetics. No Chemicals. No Dyes. PERIOD.”

Veeda Stands For:

  1. Customers – Providing women access to high-quality, affordable natural products.
  2. Environment – Using eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact of our office practices, production cycles, packaging and marketing materials.
  3. Community – Giving back by supporting organisations that protect the environment and advance family health and wellness on a global scale.

“We work every day to keep focused on our triple mandate because we care about our female friends, sisters, mums, aunties and daughters. Now that we know that we have the power to make a difference, we’ve come to see women everywhere not just as our customers, but as part of our extended Veeda family. Suddenly, two men running a feminine care company seems, well, only natural.”

Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampons, Towels & Liners A Mum Reviews

The company has a mission to strive for every woman to be well informed about and have access to affordable and safe feminine care.

Veeda tapmpons are hypoallergenic, toxin-free 100% cotton and are available to buy online from the Veeda website, Boots, and eBay and in store from Boots.

My period has now returned five months after having my second baby and I’ve tried the Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Ultra-Thin Regular Towels and Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Regular Tampons.

With these tampons and pads you get comfortable and effective sanitary products that are around the same price as the big sanitary brands. There’s no reason not to swap!

I received some samples for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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