Vet’s Kitchen is Looking for a King Charles Spaniel Royal Ambassador

Vet’s Kitchen is Looking for a King Charles Spaniel Royal Ambassador

Vet’s Kitchen is Looking for a King Charles Spaniel Royal Ambassador | AD

May is Coronation month with lots of special events and celebrations across the country to celebrate the new monarch. The health-led pet food company Vet’s Kitchen is looking for a King Charles Spaniel to become their Senior Club mascot.

King Charles III is now 74 years old which makes him the oldest monarch in history to ascend the throne. MD of Vet’s Kitchen, Laura Shears, says this is an “opportunity to fly the flag for longevity.”

It’s estimated that there are 3.8 million senior dogs over the age of 7 years living in the UK – this is around 65 years in human age, depending on the dog breed. In 2022, Vet’s Kitchen launched their Senior Dog Club in response to the growing popularity of senior dogs and to provide information around feeding senior dogs and age-specific diet to help alleviate any age-related health issues.

It’s free to join Vet’s Kitchen Senior Dog Club and members receive a Senior Dog Pass, a bag of senior dog food, senior discounts, and promotions, alongside a quarterly newsletter with tips and advice on providing the best care for senior dogs. To celebrate the Coronation, the first 20 registrations during the Coronation month of May will also receive a gift of Union Jack tennis balls.

Since King Charles Spaniels share their name with the new monarch, they are expected to experience a surge in popularity with people taking a newfound interest in the breed.

The breed King Charles Spaniel is also known as the English Toy Spaniel and is a small spaniel type breed. King Charles II was very fond of the toy spaniel, which is how the breed derived its other name, King Charles Spaniel. This breed also has one of the longest life expectancies of the canine breeds with an average life span of 12-15 years.

So now Vet’s Kitchen has launched an initiative to find a King Charles Spaniel to become the brand’s Senior Club mascot:

“Choosing a King Charles Spaniel as the ambassador for our Senior Dog Club is a fun thing to do and a great way to say something positive about age. Our canine ambassador will appear on the Vet’s Kitchen website and in our Senior Dog Club marketing materials.” said Laura Shears.

Don’t miss this fun and special opportunity if your dog is a King Charles Spaniel! To enter, send your pet’s details to Vet’s Kitchen via e-mail (you can find the address here) or message Vet’s Kitchen via Facebook or Instagram.


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