Top 5 Best Small Dog Breeds

Top 5 Best Small Dog Breeds

Top 5 Best Small Dog Breeds

There is no doubt that many people love dogs and often think about getting one. However, they find the smell, shedding, and overall maintenance too off-putting, so they would instead stick to petting their neighbor’s dog. Many people don’t see how a dog could possibly fit into their well-organized lifestyle. But there is no need to worry since every dog owner has been there until they found the perfect breed for them. However, when considering any breed, every owner must have the following three points absolutely covered otherwise please do not purchase a dog. These are Time (you need to make sure you will have time to play/walk/interact with them), Space (consider how much room your dog needs vs the space you have available at home) and finally, Money (an average dog will cost £12,000-£15,000) over its lifetime.  

Top 5 Best Small Dog Breeds

The Most Popular Small Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets  

Small dog breeds are an ideal choice if you are anxious about getting a dog. They do not take up much space, eat much less than larger dogs, and are also quite portable (and you can take them on a plane with you if they weigh less than 8kg!). Here is a list of some of the best small dog breeds, covering dogs with different personalities so everyone can pick their favourite.    

  • Miniature Schnauzer  

This dog breed has an array of great dog characteristics, all combined into a small package. Just like most dogs, they are playful, intelligent, affectionate, and easy to train. This breed is friendly enough for you to take around wherever you go, even to shopping centres and parties. If you’re looking for a companion that is easy to handle in public and incredibly cute, the Miniature Schnauzer is certainly a great option.    

  • Chihuahua  

This itty-bitty furball is surprisingly one of the bravest dog breeds. If you are in search of a guard dog that comes along with companionship, a strong bond, and doesn’t take up much space, then a Chihuahua is an excellent choice. This dog does not hesitate to bark vocally or bite on intruders’ ankles in the face of danger. After all, as Mark Twain famously said “It doesn’t matter the size of the dog in the fight, rather the size of the fight in the dog”. 

  • Pug   

Pugs have been very popular canine companions for centuries. This breed is more than suitable for introverts who would rather stay in and keep to themselves. Pugs are comfortable spending most of their time inside rather than in the park playing fetch. This means that Pugs are not fit for adventurous people who enjoy exercising and running around with their dogs – not only because of their introverted nature, but the respiratory health issues the breed is prone to. With health in mind, it is always important (as with any dog) to see their parents to ensure that their facial conformation (length of muzzle, size of nostrils and skin folds especially around the eyes) are as great as they can be in a brachycephalic (flat-faced) breed. 

Top 5 Best Small Dog Breeds A Mum Reviews
  • Beagle  

The Beagle is the very opposite of a Pug. They are extremely playful and energetic, always looking for an adventure to satisfy their curious mind. Interestingly, Beagles have a place in almost all top 10 most active dog breeds, alongside larger breeds like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. This cute, long-eared puppy is a very loud barker – they make it known when they need something. Thus, a Beagle will simply not do if you are living in an apartment with noise restrictions or if you do not care for a noisy environment yourself.    

  • Toy Poodle  

Just like Beagles, Poodles are very active dogs. They are popular for their unique look, intelligence, and fun-loving personality. The toy Poodle is the smallest variety of Poodles, with the standard Poodle and miniature Poodle being much larger. This tiny pup barely takes up space and can pull off one of the most recognizable haircuts in dog history. Toy Poodles also love to swim and are actually natural-born swimmers, making them perfect for people who enjoy the water.    


Final Thoughts  

It’s no secret that dogs are a massive, never-ending responsibility that needs to be taken seriously, whether small, medium-sized, or large. The most important thing is to choose a breed well suited for you and make sure to research the food choices in your area to maintain your dog’s good health. Raw dog food is one of the trending health choices for dogs as it helps ward off digestive issues and allergies. For instance, raw dog food in Sheffield is readily available for online orders, making it easier for dog owners to live worry-free.

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