Vileda | The Best Ironing Boards and Covers to Make Ironing a Breeze

Vileda | The Best Ironing Boards and Covers to Make Ironing a Breeze

Vileda | The Best Ironing Boards and Covers to Make Ironing a Breeze

For many people, the chore of ironing is often last on the list of households to-does, and this is often because the ironing board or iron they are using is a nightmare to manage, to manoeuvre, and the fear of leaving it unattended with little ones around causes anxiety. And unfortunately, the clothes are not going to iron themselves.

Thankfully, Vileda has the perfect solution to dispel your ironing concerns and make this chore one to look forward to (while watching your favourite series on TV of course).

Finding the right ironing board is often overlooked, but with this handful of tips on what to look out for if you are in the market for upgrading or updating your ironing board you can be sure you will make the right choice. Let’s dive in and see what makes for a great ironing board. 

Finding the right fit

We have all seen those generic ironing boards that have a simple hinge for opening and closing and essentially a foam-covered piece of wood that seemingly offers minimal support or comfort. But what you want is an ironing board that not only looks the part, this is a piece of your home after all, but which has the quality feel and robustness we search for in equipment you hope to get some longevity from.

Some of the top ironing boards on the market fall short when it comes to durability and functionality, but on discovering the best in the business Vileda Ironing Boards and Covers have come out as the top choice, and for good reasons too. To ensure you have the right board for you, be sure the following 5 features are a priority to make your ironing a breeze:

  • Stability

While we don’t want to be moving a heavy or bulky board around the laundry room or house, we do want something that is substantial. You must choose a board that is durable and stable and shows no signs of collapsing, rocking, or tipping over. 

  • Material

Aluminium and steel are great choices known for their strength and because of their reliability, it makes ironing that much easier too. Long gone are the days when thick heavy pieces of wood were the only option. You now have considerations such as reinforced plastic, compressed (much thinner) wood, or even steel mesh as components built into the board.

  • Weight & Size

Often the larger the board the heavier it is, but this does depend on what you are looking for with an ironing board. Ask yourself; do I need a full-sized ironing board? Where will I be storing my ironing board? Do I need my ironing board to be compact? These questions can help you decided if you need something small and compact to store neatly, or if you need something large and heat reflecting to get through the large wash loads. Always choose an option that works for your needs and not necessarily the ‘most popular’ one.

  • Height & Length

Most of the ironing boards today have adjustable height features which is essential if more than one person in the home is using the ironing board. Check that this feature is easy to use and that a lock mechanism is in place to prevent the board from collapsing while ironing.

Being comfortable whilst ironing also means you are not putting yourself into awkward positions when trying to iron out that crease in your shirt, and it prevents the risk of any injuries.

  • Padding & Covers

Great results come from quality products, and a high-quality ironing board cover is vital to ensure your ironing is efficient. Opt for a cover that is constructed from thermos-reflective material to ensure a steady flow of heat from the iron to your garment. Secondly make sure the design of the cover suits your home, if it can be seen or you prefer a cohesive decorative look. is 

Another choice is to pick a cover that is made from cotton or fibre which will prevent heat damage. These materials are scorch-resistant but also stain-preventing. Win-win. We love the options Vileda offers from heat-reflecting to antibacterial, there is something for everyone.

Our final thoughts

Let’s be honest, ironing is not everybody’s cup of tea but when you have a high-quality ironing board topped with a comfortable, padded cover it makes things a whole lot smoother and so much more enjoyable. Taking the time to find the right ironing board for you and your home is well worth the effort and an investment that you will thank yourself for in the long run.

Here’s to many days of happy ironing and plenty of crease-free shirts.

Article by Candace Tantilov.

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