Vinyl Flooring is Reassured Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is Reassured Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is Reassured Flooring

Whenever we buy any kind of product in-store or online, we want a certain amount of reassurance that this product does what it says in writing. This is ever-present in the world of luxury vinyl flooring, where what you read certainly has a lot to live up to upon purchasing.

Happily, when it comes down to vinyl flooring, it lives up to its reputation. When maxing out your home to its full potential, the reassurance comes from many different brands, but with one in particular standing head and shoulders above the others – Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

  • High Home Design

Luvanto has a great name in the industry for many reasons, including its practical water and stain-resistant design in kitchens and bathrooms. As a popular nation’s favourite for the vast designs and palettes on offer, Luvanto is a vinyl that brings versatility and durability into the home.

Developed and produced in the UK, Luvanto is a brand behind high-quality tiling and planks which are engineered to withstand anything that would put regular flooring under extreme stress. By heat-compressing several layers of material together to form the planks and tiles, each product is lovingly crafted to provide durability and practicality into one complete package.

Vinyl Flooring is Reassured Flooring
  • Layers of Satisfaction

Luxury vinyl tile flooring provides a backing layer to provide stability and flexibility, whilst an aesthetic layer and backing film provide the tone, colour, and design.

Wearing layers are included to add scratch and slip resistance, which provides multiple layers that give a longer lifespan for the floor. Adding a coating treatment upon these layers gives you ease in cleaning and an added protection against regular scuffs and stains.

  • Authenticity

In selecting a product such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, you are choosing amongst the most authentic selection to place within the home that is hardworking and practical. From the ranges, sizes, shapes, and styles available within the Luvanto family, you can feel reassured that the right look and feel can be discovered under one roof.

When it comes to keeping your floor clean, you will find that simple sweeping and mopping can maintain the floor for years to come, even if you plan on growing a family environment very shortly. With the Luvanto brand on the floor, you can be sure many of life’s little accidents won’t put your floor into disrepair.

Whatever you choose it is all provided for with a huge range of authentic-looking options. Whether you want strong colours or innovative designs you get the best from the brand of Luvanto and reassurance that your floor is healthy and strong.

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