Vit Stix Review – A Tropical Citrus Flavoured Family Vitamin Drink

Vit Stix Review – A Tropical Citrus Flavoured Family Vitamin Drink A Mum Reviews

Vit Stix Review – A Tropical Citrus Flavoured Family Vitamin Drink

Staying well-hydrated and on top of your vitamin intake are two important things when you’re trying to look after yourself and be healthy. I’m quite good at remembering my vitamins most days especially at the moment as I’m dealing with iron deficiency  but I’m not great at drinking non-caffeinated drinks throughout the day. It’s something I really struggle with.

I’ve recently been introduced to a product called Vit Stix which is pretty much a tropical citrus flavoured squash with added vitamins. Vit Stix does not contain any added sugar, artificial colours or flavours which many similar products do and the drink can be enjoyed by adults and children too, at home and on the go.

The very concentrated squash comes in little sachets that you simply tear open and add to 500ml of water. I really like that it’s in a liquid format which means you don’t have to wait for anything to dissolve like some vitamin drinks. You don’t even have to stir it!Vit Stix Review – A Tropical Citrus Flavoured Family Vitamin Drink A Mum Reviews

Vit Stix contain Vitamin B, C, D and Zinc which are great for everyone of course. They’re suitable for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mums and each serving contains 6.5 calories.

“A recent government survey has suggested that everyone should be taking Vitamin D supplements. Just TWO Vit Stix will give you 100% of your RDA by combining hydration and the need to keep healthy.”

The amount of vitamins and minerals in each Vit Stix is the following:

  • Vitamin C | 20mg | 25% RI
  • Pantothenic Acid | 1.5mg | 25% RI
  • Vitamin B6 | 0.35mg | 25% RI
  • Vitamin D | 2.5μg | 50% RI
  • Vitamin B12 | 0.65μg | 25% RI
  • Zinc | 25mg | 25mg | 25% RI

(Reference Intake of an average adult.)

The full ingredients list is: water, acidifier (citric acid), natural flavouring, vitamin C, sweetener (sucralose), zinc gluconate, pantothenic acid, colour (beta-carotene), vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin B12

I really like this drink and find that it helps encourage me to stay hydrated during the day. It’s a very portable and easy to use product there’s no excuse not to have a refreshing drink!

My two children are only 4 years old and nearly 2 years old and my eldest tried the drink and thought it was too tart. My kids only drink water so I’m not surprised! I think it’s a tasty drink and I’m sure older children would enjoy it too. Anyone who likes citrus and tropical flavours should like it.

It can be a struggle to encourage your children to stay hydrated and some don’t like taking their vitamins either and I think Vit Stix would help many parents and children with this.

Shop Vit Stix here. Prices start at £3.99 for a box of 10 sachets. Get 20% off your order with my discount code:


Samples provided for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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