What do Vegans Eat for Christmas Dinner?

What do Vegans Eat for Christmas Dinner A Mum Reviews

What do Vegans Eat for Christmas Dinner?

You might have arrived at this article because you are a new vegan and are wondering what Christmas could look like now, or perhaps you are hosting a vegan friend or family member for Christmas this year and are wondering what you can offer them.

In this article, I’ll share some advice regarding the topic of what vegans eat for Christmas dinner that will hopefully provide some insight.


I’m vegan – what can I have for Christmas?

If you are a new vegan yourself and are wondering what you can have for your vegan Christmas meal, the short answer is whatever you want. Think about what your favourite bits of your family’s Christmas dinner are and whether these are vegan friendly or if they can be made vegan friendly. Naturally, roasted meat is difficult to copy but pretty much everything else on a traditional British Christmas dinner plate is vegan or can be made vegan. Roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables (carrots, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, etc), cranberry sauce, vegan gravy, stuffing… You can even make or buy vegan pigs in blankets and most Christmassy desserts and treats can be made or bought as a vegan version too – Christmas pudding, gingerbread men, chocolates, mince pies and more.

The more challenging part is what to replace the roast with if that’s what you want to do. A vegan roast (homemade or shop-bought) can make a good option or perhaps a pastry parcel with a tasty filling. There are lots of options and your taste and preferences should decide what to go for.

Another option would be to create your own vegan Christmas traditions and not worry at all about what is traditional. What are your favourite meals? Make them for your vegan Christmas dinner and enjoy! You don’t have to make the same thing every year either. For a long time, I cooked myself a vegan curry for my Christmas lunch. Now I make two things every year – one recipe that is traditional for my family but no-one else’s which provides a bit of nostalgia and another recipe that I made up myself and enjoy eating every Christmas. Both are vegetable focused and not trying to be a replacement for meat at all.

What do Vegans Eat for Christmas Dinner A Mum Reviews

I’m having a vegan guest over for Christmas dinner – what can I offer them?

Like with most things in life, communication is key. Talk to your vegan friend or family member about the meal. If the rest of the meal is not fully vegan, let them know which parts will be vegan if you are able to ensure that there’s no cross-contamination. Then ask what else they would like – perhaps make a few suggestions.

You might find that your vegan guest would like to arrive with a couple of dishes themselves, like their own homemade vegan nut roast and/or a vegan friendly Christmas dessert. That would take the pressure of you and your vegan guest would be happy to know that they have something to eat that they will enjoy and that is prepared according to their dietary needs and preferences. Anyone with a special diet will be comfortable arriving to a dinner party with some food for themselves.

Feel free to share in the comments about your own experiences of vegan Christmas meals!

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