What Is the Best Car Shipping Company for International Moves

What Is the Best Car Shipping Company for International Moves A Mum Reviews

What Is the Best Car Shipping Company for International Moves

When moving within a country’s borders, it is easy enough to get yourself and your belongings to a new destination. For instance, you can pack your car up and drive from Florida to Georgia smoothly. Or, if you don’t feel like a road trip, you could look into car shipping companies. If you hire one of them, your vehicle will get delivered, and you can travel as you see fit. For example, maybe it would be more comfortable for you on a plane, and you’ll reach your destination a lot quicker than traveling by car.

But what about when you move internationally? It isn’t like driving to the place is an option, unless it’s a bordering country. Instead, you’ll need someone to transport the vehicle by air or sea. That’s where hiring a professional shipper will come in handy. You shouldn’t just pick any old company, though. That could be a recipe for disaster. Rather, you’ll want to hire a top business for the move so do your research and get the best car shipping quotes online.

Then, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your ride is safe and in good hands when it’s getting transported. Now, that brings up the question, “What is the best car shipping company for international moves?”

  • uShip Services and Costs

uShip is an Austin, Texas-based marketplace that connects clients with transporters. To date, the company has made more than 6 million of these connections. This business is a partner of eBay, and you might notice the name from television. That is because uShip is a regular on the A&E program “Shipping Wars.” There are many different reasons why uShip is one of the best shipping companies. Some of the pros that make it stand out among the rest include:

  1. Competition makes prices low
  2. Easy shipment tracking
  3. Customizable plans
  4. “Ship with Confidence” guarantee

Although uShip is one of the best car shippers, that doesn’t mean it is perfect. There are some cons associated with the mover. For instance, one issue is that the company doesn’t vet its drivers. Meanwhile, there is also no guaranteed pricing. And don’t forget about the hefty service fees.

  • Best Shippers for Low Rates

Are you all about paying low fees and getting deals? Then, you should make it a point to get multiple quotes before deciding what company to give your business to. Numerous factors determine how much an auto transport will cost. So, there is no sure-fire way to say one particular shipper will always be the cheapest. However, if the price is your primary concern, there are two companies that regularly have the lowest rates: Montway Auto Transport and Easy Auto Ship.

  • The Best Shipper for Discounts

Whether you need to ship a car internationally or locally, only one shipper has the best discounts around, AmeriFreight. The company has an A+ BBB rating and ships to Hawaii. Not to mention, door-to-door transport is available with this shipper. Its average shipping cost per mile is between $0.40 and $0.72. However, something that genuinely makes AmeriFreight the best is its discounts.

Savings are aplenty with this shipper. It provides discounts to military members and first responders or medical personnel. Students, seniors, and early birds get great deals with AmeriFreight as well. Returning customers also get discounts here, and so do those that ship multiple vehicles.

  • The Locked in Rates You Crave

Nobody wants to get quoted one price only to have the total change after a job is completed. Unfortunately, that has been known to happen around the auto transport industry. Consumers agree to the terms with a shipper. Then, for whatever reason, the amount increases between the time the vehicle gets on the trailer to when it’s unloaded.

If you want to keep such issues at bay, Sherpa Auto Transport may be the top car shipper for you. That is because it is the best company for locked-in rates. Hence, there won’t be hidden charges waiting for you around every corner.

Final Words

Regardless of what you desire, you should be in good hands with any of these auto shippers. That doesn’t mean they are the only top companies out there today, though. So, don’t be surprised if you do some digging and come up with other names to add to this list. But, whatever you do, just make sure you find your perfect match in a transport company. That will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

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