What Is the Best Way to See the Canadian Rockies

What Is the Best Way to See the Canadian Rockies

What Is the Best Way to See the Canadian Rockies

If you like to get away from it all, then you will love the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies. The Rockies have everything you need for a holiday in the great outdoors – awe-inspiring mountains, tranquil lakes, dense forests, picturesque views, and the opportunity to spot numerous different species of wildlife.

Furthermore, they are vast, incorporating both the Banff National Park and the Jasper National Park. According to Statista, these were the most visited and second most visited national parks in Canada respectively.

When it comes to visiting this wonderful place, some people feel a little daunted and don’t know where to begin. Below, we give you some tips on the best way to see the Canadian Rockies.

  • By Rail

Travelling by rail is one of the most popular ways to see the Rockies. There are many luxury rail journeys, such as the Rocky Mountaineer Train, that run through the area and enable you to see the beautiful scenery from the warmth and comfort of the train. You can just sit back, relax, and share the experience with your loved ones, alighting at places of interest along the way.

  • By Car

Driving allows you to set your own pace and route. You can take in scenic roads, stop when you wish, find your own viewpoints, and take in whatever sights you fancy. However, there are downsides to this option. Firstly, driving requires a lot of planning, as you don’t want to get lost, run out of petrol or miss a key attraction. There’s also no guide with you, so if you want to know the name of a certain mountain lake or the history of a town, you have to personally hunt that information out. Travelling by road is also a lot slower than by train, meaning you are likely to have to miss something.

What Is the Best Way to See the Canadian Rockies
  • By Foot

This is a beautiful way to experience the Rockies, as you get to breathe in the crisp mountain air, smell the morning dew, hear the wildlife in the tall pine forests, and stumble upon tranquil lakes.

There are predetermined trails all over the Rockies, so providing you stick to these, you shouldn’t get too lost. However, walking still needs very careful planning. If you’re an inexperienced hiker then you don’t want to take a trail that leads you high up into a mountain, as you may have to turn back. Without careful plans in place, you could also miss the things you hope to see or wind up running out of supplies before your next stop.

Hiking in the Rockies requires a good level of physical fitness and you need to be happy with facing the elements.  Walking the Rockies also takes a long time, so although you get to be out in the wilderness you are unlikely to see much of the area during a two-week break.

  • By Horse

 If you really want to tap into the wilderness, then exploring the Rockies via horseback is an option. This ‘back to nature’ experience isn’t for everyone though. You need a love of horses, as you will have to sit on one and ride it alone.

Also, these tours normally involve camping or cooking out in the great outdoors. If you prefer creature comforts and a heated room when you go to bed, then this is unlikely to be for you.

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