What to Expect When The Kids Head Back to School

What to Expect When The Kids Head Back to School

What to Expect When The Kids Head Back to School

School is a subject that is a controversial topic at the best of times, but since the lockdowns of 2020 and beyond, they have become a topic that pushes everyone’s buttons. The main problem is the inconstancy of everything that is happening. So what can you expect for the coming school year?

  • Online classes

As virus variations keep appearing and the vaccination rate stays at the same rate, there is a chance that there could be further waves of Covid surging through certain populations. This will mean that there could be certain areas that will be locked down again to stop the spread. As annoying as this can be, this can have a massive benefit to our kids and their school. We aren’t sure if you know this, but there were teachers who created wonderful content for their students that was used around the world. By using local SEO for colleges, online campuses have become more popular as more people can access education.

Face Masks
  • Masks and PPE

Like them or loathe them, masks might be here to stay. For some people, they are a sign of oppression. For others, they are the hottest fashion accessory that can finish off an outfit. For those who have embraced the PPE lifestyle, they are discovering new ways to jazz it all up. Schools may start to provide face masks with the school logo as part of the uniform scheme. You have to admit, they will all look pretty darn cute in their school uniforms and little facemasks. 

  • Circuit breaker weeks

We won’t be looking at our kids just at the weekends and holidays now, there is a good chance that the odd circuit breaker week will be thrown into the mix too. A circuit breaker is designed to help spread infection rates by making people isolate at home for a week or two. This in turn stops the infection rate from climbing higher and overloading the health services. And, unfortunately, kids are kind of gross, and a lot of the previous surges and dips in infection have been in line with the kids being at school. 

  • Bubbles and tracing

There is a good chance that your kids have been kept within a certain bubble of children to help minimise the spread of the virus through their school. The rules on whether or not this will stay in place are still under a lot of debate, but we think it is safe to say that they may continue for the foreseeable future. This might mean that they cannot attend afterschool activities, or maybe the school will consider extending the bubbles to the afterschool clubs. And if bubbles are no longer in play, they might have a better trace system to help track any possible spreads through the school.
At the end of the day, we will not be sure what is happening with the schools until the time comes. If there is anything that we know for sure, is that this virus has thrown us all for a loop and we may have to continue to adapt as time goes on.

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