What to Put in a Boo Basket for Grown-Ups

What to Put in a Boo Basket for Grown-Ups
Image by Wayfair.co.uk

What to Put in a Boo Basket for Grown-Ups

I’m sure you’ve come across Boo Baskets on social media now or perhaps in real life. You might be wondering what they are and how you can make one. In this article, we are specifically looking at what to put in a Boo Basket for grown-ups.

A Boo Basket doesn’t have to Halloween themed and full of spooky things, it can also be Autumn themed and full of cosy things! You decide depending on who the recipient will be. Read on for some ideas for what to put in a boo basket for grown-ups.

First, you need to choose a basket. A wicker basket is ideal as it’s already got an autumnal feel, but you can also use a nice bucket, storage crate, or bag instead.

Next, it’s time to decide what to put in your Boo Basket which is the most fun bit. When choosing items for an autumnal Boo Basket, look for edible gifts, pampering treats, or cosy items for the home. If you’re doing a basket with a spookier edge, look for Halloween themed items and things with Halloween colours.

Autumn is the perfect time to indulge in yummy treats, self-care and all things cosy which a basket full of gifts like this can encourage. Treat your best friend, your mum, your sister, or neighbour – anyone you like and who you think needs a bit of TLC and a lovely surprise!

What to Put in a Boo Basket for Grown-Ups
Image by Wayfair.co.uk

Boo Basket for Adults Ideas:

  • A scented candle with an autumnal scent like cinnamon, berries, pumpkin spice, or vanilla, for example.
  • A soft throw and some fluffy socks to keep warm as it’s getting cold out there.
  • A hot water bottle with a cute cover.
  • Something tasty to drink – hot chocolate, flavoured coffee, teas, or an autumnal tipple such as mulled cider or a spiced rum.
  • A cute autumn mug to go with the above.
  • Something tasty to eat or to bake – a homemade cookie mix in a cute jar, some nice chocolate bars, popcorn, or roasted nuts, for example.
  • A book or a DVD with an autumn theme to enjoy snuggled up on the sofa.
  • Some pampering treats – a beautifully scented bubble bath, a nourishing hand cream, or similar.

A basket full of autumnal treats like this is sure to make the recipient smile and will encourage many cosy moments at home!

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