What You Need to Know About Choosing the Best E-Liquid for You

What You Need to Know About Choosing the Best E-Liquid for You

No matter how experienced you are with vaping, there’s never a shortage of e-liquid types to choose from. There are currently around 700 varieties of e-liquid. This can make it overwhelming to pick. Especially if you’re new to it and trying to find your flavour or even if you’re a regular vape user and just looking for a change.

Whether you’re new to the world of e-liquid, or are looking to mix up your usual choice, this guide will help you figure out what to look for. Knowing what you need will save you all the time and hassle of scouring through reviews and buying the wrong type of e-liquid for your vape (it happens to the best of us). 

To help ensure you’re matching your vape device with your e-liquid correctly, it’s a good idea to have a full understanding of the different e-liquids on offer. These include:

  • 50/50 e-liquids 

These e-liquids are a perfectly balanced ratio of PG:VG. Because of this, you can use this type of vape juice in virtually any device. This is great because if you switch up your vape often, you can still use the liquid you have. It can just help you save on the costs. 

  • Shortfill e-liquids 

This type of e-liquid is for you if you like to customise your flavours and nicotine strengths. Plus, shortfill VG liquids are nicotine free but they do tend to come in smaller quantities. This is because they’re designed to be topped up with nicotine to suit the preferences of the user. Shortfill e-liquids can be mixed with the nicotine shots you can buy online at Cloudstix. 

  • VG e-liquids 

VG juices are great for producing high levels of vapour. The thicker formula is ideal for cloud chasers. VG e-liquids can only be used with sub-ohm vaping devices. 

  • PG e-liquids 

If an e-liquid has a high quantity of PG in it, it means they have higher levels of flavour. This makes them much more satisfying on the throat than other liquids. Because of this, they’re a great cigarette alternative if you’re trying to quit smoking. 

  • Nicotine salts 

If you’re looking for a quicker hit of nicotine, salts are the thing for you. Nicotine salts are known to be a much stabler alternative to freebase nicotine, giving the user more nicotine in a smaller quantity of e-liquid. Because of how salts work, the nicotine will absorb into the bloodstream a lot quicker than your usual e-liquid. These are often recommended to those who are trying to quit smoking and are used to high levels of nicotine and want to reduce their intake over time. Nicotine salts are great for pod vape devices.

  • Liquid pods 

Probably the easiest type of e-liquid on the market to use. Pre-filled with the correct e-liquid, liquid pods make changing flavours on the go a breeze. No need for complicated fill ups, just pop the pod into your device for a top up.

But how do I choose?

With all the choices and flavours, it’s hard to know which one is the best option for you. The best thing to do is go to a specialist supplier. Cloudstix is a team of experts dedicated to getting the right product for our customers. By choosing a trusted supplier, you’ll get quality products for affordable prices.

You’ll also get reliable advice on how to choose the e-liquid for you, how to reduce your nicotine strength over time and which liquid goes best with the different vape sticks.

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