Why are Handmade Goods so Expensive?

Why are Handmade Goods so Expensive?

Why are Handmade Goods so Expensive?

Handmade products are wonderful, but people often wonder why they’re so expensive. Why can’t they be more affordable? In this article we will look at how the cost of handmade goods is formed and why they don’t have the lowest price. An alternative if the price of handmade goods is too high for you (or just to have a fun activity to do) is to create things yourself. For example, you could create diamond paintings that allow you to get an exquisite thing made by hand for not very much money plus you also get a great leisure activity to enjoy.

Buyers often think that handmade products are very expensive and sometimes the craftsmen cannot always respond with dignity. Sometimes they’re even forced to underestimate the price of their products, devaluing their own labour at the same time, which is both sad and wrong.

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Below are some reasons why high-quality handmade items made by professional craftsmen simply can’t be cheap:

1. Craftsmen spend the following valuable resources on their work (not to mention the fact that they put their soul into it):

  • Time. It always takes more time to create a handmade product than it does to create things using machines or on a factory conveyor belt. In addition, unlike machines in factories, which can work around the clock without a break, craftsmen also need time for their regular life.
  • Materials. Some materials are hard to source or expensive to buy which takes time and money. Then there’s the cost to delivery these materials too. When you’re a small business, you don’t get the big bulk buy discounts that big businesses can enjoy either.

2. The products are unique and original. Handmade work is often exclusive, one of a kind. You can often guarantee that exactly the same product will not be available anywhere else. Most artists even when repeating already created work emphasize that the item may be a bit different to the one pictured because it is simply impossible to make an exact copy when making handmade products.

3. They’re of higher quality. One of the reasons that many people seek out handmade products is that they’re looking for something that is of higher quality compared to the mass-produced, cheap factory-made products. Usually, the people who are making handmade products are experts in their fields – they will have spent many years learning and practicing their skills to make excellent products. Yes, they will cost more, but they are much more likely to be of good quality.

4. Packaging costs. No plastic bags, plastic bottles and newspapers. An artist or craftsman will want to sell their work with decent packaging – perhaps unique boxes, labels and bags to emphasize the brand, the individuality of the master and the quality of their work. Cards and ribbons for finishing touches, which makes their products more sophisticated looking, they would surely order custom pvc cards and high-quality ribbons for uniquely packed products. All this costs money too and for smaller businesses, there’s not the same bulk discounts available for packaging either.

5. Skill. Last but not least, skill. It’s not just the materials and the time to create a product that count toward the final price of the item. It’s also the unique skills, expertise and knowledge that have been developed over many years.

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