Why Is Yoga So Great for Mental Health?

Why Is Yoga So Great for Mental Health?

Why Is Yoga So Great for Mental Health?

Yoga has blossomed into a favourite pastime of people all over the world.

It laid its foundations over 5000 years ago. And what started as a small sapling – an orthodox philosophical school of the Hindu religion – has since grown into a global phenomenon with many off-shoots and branches.

From the predominant hatha form of yoga to private and even corporate yoga, there are countless iterations of the Indian practice.

Thanks to its religious roots, there is also a tangible spiritual aspect to yoga. It’s all about finding balance and achieving a state of mindfulness: being aware of the current moment and nothing else. This can be a key tool in the fight against mental health troubles.

This is only part of the reason why yoga is so helpful in maintaining a healthy mind-set.

Why Is Yoga So Great for Mental Health?
  • Mindfulness

The mental component of yoga is arguably as important as the physical. For Hindus in particular, yoga holds special spiritual significance. It’s a way to get closer to God (Brahma) through meditation, discipline and devotion. Depending on the stage you are in in life, you might have to practice a different kind of yoga.

But even if you’re not a Hindu, the practice of yoga can help you achieve a level of calm and relaxation that is akin to enlightenment. If you want to help share the benefits of yoga with others, then you can get Yoga certifications too.

The emphasis on controlling your breathing, staying disciplined, and exerting yourself physically allows you to reach a unique level of calm, especially when you are practicing mindfulness in a peaceful place like a wellness retreat in the UK.

Yoga and mindfulness goes hand in hand. And its utility goes beyond yoga.

Once you’ve learned how to utilise mindfulness through yoga you can apply it to all the other aspects of your life. Whether your personal life is chaotic and emotionally demanding or you find your professional existence anxiety and stress inducing the practice of mindfulness can help you regulate your emotions and put everything in perspective.

  • Mood boosting endorphins

Many people are guilty of falling prey to the misconception that yoga is nothing more than a series of stretches. That might be what it looks like to those on the outside but you really have to exert yourself as you cycle through different postures.

When you put your body through its paces like this, mood boosting endorphins like serotonin and dopamine are released. You’ll receive a welcome charge of positivity that can bolster your resistance against the wear and tear of debilitating mental health issues.

Why Is Yoga So Great for Mental Health?
  • Getting fitter and stronger

If you opt for one of the more demanding branches of yoga like hot yoga, you can really push your body to extremes. Warping and stretching your body like elastic undoubtedly takes its toll and you’ll definitely feel that in the aches and pains you’ll experience the following day.

As a result however, your body will get stronger and you’ll have more energy. The fitter you are, the more likely you are to want to go out and about do different activities – which is one way many people defend themselves from the languor that precipitates a collapse in mental health.

Strong Woman
  • Increased confidence

Yoga is also a great way to increase muscle tone and shed extra pounds. For many people, this can give their self-confidence a much needed lift and help them to go about the day with increased zeal, optimism and positivity.

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