Why To Encourage Your Child To Switch From Console To PC Gaming

Why To Encourage Your Child To Switch From Console To PC Gaming

Why To Encourage Your Child To Switch From Console To PC Gaming

The majority of modern kids and teenagers in developed countries will grow up gaming. Typically, this means picking up a controller and playing on one of the main consoles that are out at the time. However, as a parent, you should think about encouraging your child to switch from console to PC gaming. It may seem like a strange thing to do, but there are some compelling reasons for this that benefit both you and them!

Why To Encourage Your Child To Switch From Console To PC Gaming
  • Will get them used to a PC

The chances are your child will grow up needing to learn how to use a PC. They’ll need to learn their way around a keyboard and mouse, and PC gaming is a brilliant place to start. If your child spends their spare time playing on a PC instead of a console, they naturally learn all the skills and abilities they require when using a computer. These translate to all aspects of their life, setting them up for the future and making them more tech-savvy. 

  • A larger collection of games

Without a doubt, one of the benefits of PC gaming is that it presents your kids with a huge collection of games. Console gaming will have plenty of games, but you often get ones that are exclusive to one console or the other. With PC gaming, you also often get those exclusives – for instance, many Xbox exclusives are also available on PC, and the same goes for Playstation exclusives. If you only have one console, you miss out! 

Secondly, there are just so many indie games and free-to-play games for PC gamers. The selection outweighs console gaming dramatically, meaning your children will never have a reason to be bored. They can always find some fun games to play, and a lot of the time they don’t even need to spend any money to enjoy them. 

Why To Encourage Your Child To Switch From Console To PC Gaming
  • Much better lifetime value for money

On the face of it, PC gaming seems more expensive than console gaming. Look at the most recent consoles out there right now, they cost around £450 – £700 depending on where you get them from and which model you choose. By comparison, you can get an esports gaming PC for over a thousand pounds. Surely, PC gaming is more expensive, right? Wrong!

The difference is that a console won’t last as long as a PC. With a console you have an internal hard drive that will eventually fill up, meaning you have to delete stuff from your console or buy a new one. You also have components that can wear down and slow the gaming experience, again, leaving you with no choice but to buy a new one. With a PC, you already have better components that last for longer, but there’s more customisation options too. Run out of storage space? Simply add another SSD or hard drive and you’re good to go. Want to improve performance if your PC starts slowing down? Upgrade the processor or graphics card and you can! Over a lifetime, owning a PC will be far cheaper than constantly buying the latest consoles that come out. 

From your child’s perspective, they can have more fun with a PC as there are more games to choose from, and they also develop valuable life skills. From your perspective, you can save a lot of money in the long run!

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