Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Registered Office Address

Why You Should Have a Registered Office Address

Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Registered Office Address

Running a successful business requires focus, dedication, and desire to create a strong brand, and brand building needs a good business image. You need to find the right location to build this. This is especially true if you decide to start a new company. Remember that during the company registration process, you will usually be asked to state your registered office address, and you want to have a plan about the interior as well as the local services to keep it clean, such as Think FM commercial cleaners London. Any limited liability private company must have this address to operate. This article discusses why you should have a registered office address.

Why You Should Have a Registered Office Address
  • A registered office address

All incorporated companies in the UK need to have registered office addresses. Besides keeping statutory registers for your company, a registered office address can also work as the official address for your company. This means that you can use it to receive legal documents and statutory mailings. 

Remember that a registered office address differs from a business address. A business address is usually a contact point for other types of correspondence from suppliers, clients, and various stakeholders. And, there is no limit when it comes to the number of addresses you can have. A business address can also be based anywhere on the earth because it’s used as a generic business-related correspondence. 

Ideally, you may need a business address so that you can establish the presence of your business in different locations. If you want, you can utilize the business address as your registered office address. If you decide to use a third party to register your new company, make sure that you use a reputable formations company that provides registered office address services. 

It’s worth noting that it’s not a good idea to utilize a home address as your registered office address, though it’s allowed. By now you may be wondering why it’s not recommended to use your home address. Well, this is because using a separate registered office address tends to show professionalism and assists to keep your home address private.

Why You Should Have a Registered Office Address
  • The importance of having a registered office address

As mentioned earlier, a private limited company must have a registered office address. This is a legal requirement, meaning you cannot operate a private limited company if you don’t have a registered office address. 

For corporate transparency, the registered office address is usually put on public records. The good thing is that you can change the registered office address, but it has to be within the UK jurisdiction. Regardless of whether you are running your business from abroad or in the UK, you need to have a registered office address in the UK. 

It’s worth noting that it’s assumed that official notices sent to the registered office address for your company are received by the company. Therefore, your company’s registered office address needs to be effective when it comes to delivering notices and documents to the company. It’s the responsibility of the company to make sure that you get all the documents sent to this address.

A registered office address for your company appears on the public register, so everyone can see it. Because of this, it’s easy for people to check where your company is officially based. However, this also means that it provides an address that other people can send unsolicited marketing materials. Hence, many companies choose a different registered office address from their business address.

The registered office address is adopted during the registration of your company and can remain the same for the entire life of your company. But some directors can decide to change the registered office address over time.

Many third-party companies offer registered office addresses. These addresses are called virtual offices, and the good thing about them is that you can choose to have a registered office address anywhere in the world. And, by registering your business at a reputable office location, your company can look more successful and professional. A good corporate image usually leads to an improvement in business sales.

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Some third-party companies also provide registered office addresses which are addresses where you can receive business post. In this way, you can prevent the postman from sending work mail to your home. You should remember that any post that they get for your company can be sorted and kept for your company. Even better, they usually update you regularly so that you can know if you received any post. It’s your responsibility to collect any post from the companies that provide these registered office addresses.

If you think it can be hard to collect your post regularly, then you can choose to use a mail forwarding service. This means you give the registered office address service provider an address where you want your post to be sent. Some service providers also provide an open and scan service, meaning they can open your mail and scan it to a provided email address once they receive your post. After scanning the post, they place the letter back and you can get it at a later date.  

You can have a better business image and protect your home address by having a good business address. Also, you don’t need to pay high office rental costs. You can purchase a registered office service from various workplace providers on the market. When you get a registered office address, you just need to pay rent for it and you can also use it as a registered office.

But you may have to ask the office address service provider if you can utilize the address as your registered office address and check their fees. This arrangement allows you to run your company without paying for office furniture.  

In conclusion, a registered office address can benefit you in various ways. A registered office address located in a prestigious place can increase your customer base. Your business can also show a good and established image. 

Above all, a registered office address located in a renowned and large city can allow your company to increase its geographical reach, especially if your company operates in a remote area or small town. If you decide to have a registered office address, then it makes sense to choose a reputable registered office address service provider.

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