Yoga Clothing For Different Yoga Lifestyles

Yoga Clothing For Different Yoga Lifestyles A Mum Reviews

Yoga Clothing For Different Yoga Lifestyles

While it has been common practice for many years to wear special clothing to exercise in, it is only in recent decades that is has become popular to wear specific clothing for yoga. The practice of yoga itself dates back an incredibly long time. While some cultures may have always had specific clothing to wear while practicing yoga, it is only recently that it has become common practice across cultures and countries.

Of course, clothing that is made specifically for yoga can be worn during almost any type of exercise because the clothing is so versatile and it is becoming very popular to wear it in day-to-day life too for comfort and style. There are lots of bottoms to choose from – full length, mid-calf, short in either loose or tight fitting designs, and a large variety of tops too – tank tops of different lengths, with different straps and fits, t-shirts of different fits or sports bras and bralettes.

Consider all of the different versions of yoga that is currently available. There is traditional yoga, hot yoga, and Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, and many others. Each one of these requires different types of movements which might require different types of clothing.

To understand yoga clothing, you need to understand the different types of yoga and how the various styles of clothing fit in with each one. For more information about different types of yoga clothing, the place to look is the Om & Ah website. In this post, we will be taking a look at yoga practices and how different types of yoga clothing fit into different scenarios:

  • Ashtanga Yoga

The first type of yoga we are going to look at is Ashtanga yoga. The name Ashtanga is Sanskrit and translates to “eight limb path”. This variation is one of the more physically demanding varieties of yoga and is generally not recommended for beginners.

This style follows a very specific pattern every single time. It always begins with 5 Sun Salutation A’s quickly followed by 5 Sun Salutation B’s. There is an area of India called Mysore and the locals often practice this form of yoga jointly in a large gathering. If you are present at one of these gatherings, you are expected to know the routine and follow along.

As for clothing, because, this version is so intense, you will want to look for yoga clothes that are not restrictive and pieces that are breathable. You will also want to choose mid length leggings, trousers or shorts as well as a tank top or even a sports bra top. This will allow the most freedom and flexibility while keeping you as cool as possible.Yoga Clothing For Different Yoga Lifestyles A Mum Reviews

  • Yin Yoga

The next type of yoga that we are going to talk about is Yin yoga. In comparison to the last type, this is a very slow-paced style of yoga. This is a great choice for beginners. It almost entirely composed of seated postures that are each held for long periods of time, between 45 seconds and 2 minutes. These classes are incredibly relaxed and meditative.

Because this style is all about floor positions, the goal is to let gravity do all of the work for you which allows for a much more relaxed experience and environment. Because this style does not require high levels of physical exertion, you have more freedom when choosing clothing. A loose pair of yoga trousers and a tank top or loose t-shirt will work perfectly. The flowy nature of the loose garments will allow for unrestricted movement.

  • Iyengar Yoga

Next, consider Iyengar yoga. The main goal of this style of yoga is the alignment of the body. This is the perfect yoga style for people who are recovering from injuries. There is no cardio involved, but this variation provides a deep work out. Each pose is held for a long time and students will make slight adjustments every so often while holding the pose. This style relies heavily on props to allow you to go deeper into a pose safely. It can be strenuous to accomplish certain depths of a pose without the aid of these specific props.

One of the main focuses while holding these poses is to control your breathing and work slowly and methodically. Because of the way this style is practiced, it is best to avoid the loose-fitting clothing options. Stick to form-fitting bottoms and tops. The best choice is a mid-calf length form fitting pair. As for the top, the best option is either a form-fitting tank top with wide straps or a sports bra.Yoga Clothing For Different Yoga Lifestyles A Mum Reviews

  • Vinyasa Yoga

The final type of yoga we are going to discuss is Vinyasa yoga. The name literally means “to place in a special way”. When referring to yoga, it is regarded to the poses. This style is often considered to be the most athletic version of yoga and was adapted from the Ashtanga style. Every movement is coordinated with your breathing and each movement flows seamlessly into the next in a coordinated routine. Different instructors and different classes will have different choreographed sequences.

The best clothing choices for this style of yoga is full-length form-fitting bottoms and a form fitting tank top. This top can have either wide or thin straps, but wide straps are the optimal choice. A sports bra or mid-rise tank top will also be suitable. As long as you avoid loose-fitting clothing, you will be fine.

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