You Are All Your Baby Needs

The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact With Your Newborn Baby A Mum Reviews

You Are All Your Baby Needs

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Many women lose confidence in themselves after giving birth but actually confidence should be increased after all, your body has just done an amazing thing and created another human being, carried a baby for nine months and given birth to that baby. Now all the baby really needs is you, their mum.

The connection between a mother and her newborn baby is pure and amazing. Staying close to your baby after birth by being skin to skin with your newborn is one of many ways to enhance that bond.

Skin to skin is a lovely way to connect to your baby and it can have a huge impact on many things both for mum and baby. WaterWipes wanted to show the unique connection between mother and child as never shown before so they asked the world’s leading skin to skin practitioner Dr. Susan Ludington to conduct a series of tests with three new mums and their newborns.The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact With Your Newborn Baby A Mum Reviews

The tests included monitoring the baby’s heartbeat, temperature and breathing rate and the tests were recorded with both film and heat cameras. The amazing results show the undeniable and magical connection between mother and child. It’s a truly beautiful film that helps us to understand the wonders of the mother’s body. You can watch the film below.

As you can see, skin to skin can have a positive impact on both your baby and yourself. It makes your baby warmer, regulates breathing and heart rate and even raises blood sugar levels. Skin to skin can enhance the bond between baby and parent and creates an intense chemical connection. Naturally, being close to your baby helps with breastfeeding too.The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact With Your Newborn Baby A Mum Reviews

My babies have both slept close to me my newborn sleeps next to me now as she sleeps better like that and it makes breastfeeding easier at night. I can definitely tell that she sleeps much longer when she is close to me and we are skin to skin.

For naps she’ll usually only settle for half an hour at a time in her bouncer chair or her crib but will happily sleep for hours at a time in the baby carrier where she rests her face on my chest which is usually exposed nowadays for easy breastfeeding. She’ll also settle much better and faster when she’s close to me and can feel my skin against hers. The difference is amazing!

It’s of course very nice with all the cuddles, too!The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact With Your Newborn Baby A Mum Reviews

Skin to skin is just one of many loving ways to connect with your baby and all mums should do what works for them. Remember that you are what your baby needs and you are doing an amazing job!

Watch the film and share it to help other parents discover it. I would love to hear your own experiences too please share in the comments below or on social media using the hashtags #PureLove and #WaterWipes.

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