3 House Chores You Could Definitely Outsource

House Chores

3 House Chores You Could Definitely Outsource

These days, a lot of people prefer to work from home. It allows them to have a feel of comfort and being in their zone, without worrying about commutes to and from the office. But, working from home does have some downsides, one of the biggest being chores. Spending too much work time on chores can reduce productivity levels and lead to a conflict in work-life balance. So, what are the chores advisable to outsource so that you can achieve optimum productivity while still maintaining a clean and conducive environment.

Food Shop
  • Grocery Shopping

This features prominently on the list of chores you have to outsource. Grocery shopping can be grueling and time-consuming, and since we all have to eat, you may find yourself doing groceries more than once every week.

This time would ultimately mean sacrificing time for other things, so it is best to outsource your groceries. Grocery shopping can take up to 3 hours per week on average, and this is for planned and disciplined shoppers. You also have to factor in time in transit, as the farther the grocery store is, the more time you will spend on groceries.

So, in all, it is a good idea to outsource groceries. Most supermarkets offer click and collect and/or home delivery these days and you can have all your usual buys saved in your account which will save you lots of time.

Laundry Room
  • Laundry and House Cleaning/Maintenance

At first, cleaning your home and doing laundry may seem like no big deal, after all, it is just for a few hours. But, it becomes more problematic when you are working from home, and even worse when you have a family or kids to look after. Lots of people struggle to keep on top of this and outsourcing some of the tasks can save you time and your sanity!

Having a trusted and reliable cleaning service is important, especially a flexible one that eases most of your needs and allows you to focus on what is important. Prices may vary, for example if  you live in Austin, Texas the average cost for services is $160.

When compared to the cost of losing productive time and energy, it is a very good deal for most. But, it is always good to have an estimate that you can easily amend as time requires. Costs can compound quickly, so having a reliable budget is quite important.

Affordability and quality go hand in hand, so it is good to check out for those when choosing a reliable home cleaning and laundry service. Xtreme clean is a very good Austin house cleaning service, available every day to attend to your cleaning and home maintenance needs.

House Chores
  • School drop-off

Being productive while working from home is especially hard when you have to fit in your children’s school runs too. It may be a fun thing to do, especially since it allows for bonding time, but it can add a lot of stress too.

This is especially important if the distance from school is very considerable or you have multiple kids in different schools. Having to worry about picking them up on time every day can be stressful and time-consuming so this is something you can look to outsource too or arrange with other school parents to take turns.

Hiring childcare for school runs can help you focus on important tasks and projects, it leaves the kids well attended to, and takes the added burden from your shoulders.


The bottom line

Outsourcing chores should not be seen as an extravagant expense especially when it helps your bottom line. Chores compound a lot, and when you try to fit them all into hectic work hours, you end up overloading yourself with work and worry.

Some of these chores are best outsourced in the long term if you can afford it, as you can earn more money, but not get more time.

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