4 Essential Organic Baby Care Products to Have at Home

4 Essential Organic Baby Care Products to Have at Home

4 Essential Organic Baby Care Products to Have at Home

If you are a parent who’s done your research, you probably know that your baby’s skin is not the same as an adult’s. It’s not yet developed enough to handle exposure to harmful substances, dirty air and surfaces full of microbes.

Although chemicals are unhealthy for adult skin, many adult skin care products contain them. And while we can deal just fine with most of them, our babies can’t. Their organism is directly affected by chemicals, resulting in allergies, rashes, discomfort, and other issues.

To help your baby adjust to its changing world, we wanted to discuss organic alternatives to essential baby products. Here are some of the organic products you need to find, to help your baby grows up safe, healthy and happy. 

  • Baby Creams

Baby cream is an essential product you must have at home if you are a parent. You have probably already noticed how sensitive your baby’s skin is and how it reacts to different stimuli. It can develop allergic reactions, becoming dry, irritated and itchy, causing significant discomfort for your newborn.

Baby cream is used to keep the skin moisturised and protected and to prevent all these adverse reactions. All body parts can be treated with cream, but cheeks, noses, knees and elbows are more sensitive because their skin is thinner and more prone to reactions.

A baby cream product should be made of organic ingredients that do not intensify allergic reactions. Its consistency is creamy but not very thick. Its job is to nourish the skin, keeping it moisturised by preserving natural hydration and balancing pH levels. In addition, it builds a protective barrier between the skin and allergens.

Needless to say, it should be hypoallergenic and not contain any harmful ingredients, fragrances or chemicals. Always check if the product is dermatologically tested and clinically approved.

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  • Teething Gels

The process of teething is painful but inevitable for every baby. It’s only normal for a parent to suffer and try to help when seeing their child in so much discomfort. This urge is often accompanied by purchasing medical products marketed to ease the pain and relieve symptoms. 

You should be careful when choosing one, as many of these products are ineffective and harmful to infants. Benzocaine and lidocaine, in particular, are proven to have many associated risks and can lead to serious health problems. 

That’s why, when choosing a teething gel, choose organic products that do not contain the substances mentioned above. If you notice any side effects after using the gel, stop using it immediately and contact a medical expert such as a paediatrician or your local health care provider.

  • Skin Oils

Baby skin oils have various applications depending on the particular situation. Parents often use them to manage skincare problems, for example, to soothe the affected area during eczema or to address dry skin issues. Another popular application is baby massage.

There are various baby oil products, including cold-pressed, mineral, vegetable, and others. However, make sure to use organic oils as they are less prone to causing allergic reactions and are very nourishing for delicate baby skin.

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  • Baby Food

Of course, baby food is essential. If for some reason, breastfeeding is not an option, you need to supply your baby with the necessary nutrients for their health, growth and development using a good quality formula. 

Since most foods you can buy in stores nowadays are grown using pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, it can be difficult to find the healthiest option for your child. Organic food is the most effective way to guarantee your baby has a healthy, nutritious diet that’s environmentally friendly and tastes better than other foods.

These are the top most essential organic baby care products to have at home for your baby. Of course, there are many other items you’ll need – like nappies and wipes. Reusable options made from natural fibres are ideal for delicate newborn skin.

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