5 Ways How Fracking Has Changed Our Future

5 Ways How Fracking Has Changed Our Future

5 Ways How Fracking Has Changed Our Future

Fracking has been around for quite some time; however, it has seen a recent rise in popularity. It has become a way that countries can extract gas and oil themselves. With popularity, there has also been push back against fracking. So, what is fracking, and how has it affected us, keep reading for the answers.

Fracking as a Source of Energy

Fracking has become a popular way to produce energy from the earth. It uses super pressurized water, chemicals, and sand to break rock underneath the earth. This allows for gas and oil trapped in the rocks to be released. Fracking is one of the only available methods to release gas and oil from these rocks.

How Has Fracking Affected Us?

Fracking has had an impact on the planet. It has been lauded by energy suppliers as a great way to produce energy. However, it does not come without its controversies. Fracking comes with its own benefits and disadvantages that people use to either advocate for or against its usage.

Fracking’s effect on us can be seen through the way it has positively or negatively shaped the energy industry and the wider world.

Positive Effects of Fracking

To start, we need to address that fracking has been beneficial for the energy sector.

  • Prices

Fracking allows countries to produce their own energy. This means less reliance on exports which automatically means users have to pay less for their energy consumption.

  • Jobs

Opening Fracking areas create a host of jobs, from the people physically working on the ground to people working in administration and human resources.

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Negative Effects of Fracking

The controversy associated with fracking comes with the negative effects that it has on the environment.

  • Fossil Fuel

Fracking may be a cleaner option than burning coal and oil, but it is still a fossil fuel. In a time when energy companies should be turning to renewable energy as an energy source, promoting fracking is harmful to the environment.

Fracking leads to increased carbon dioxide production, which leads to heating of the planet, the greenhouse effect. This damage will cause massive harm for future generations if the use of fracking continues.

  • Water Contamination

Fracking uses massive gallons of water mixed with chemicals and sand. This contaminates the water, which then requires treatment to make it reusable. Sometimes treatment is not possible, or it is unable to treat all of the water used. This causes wasting of water which is an incredibly important and scarce resource.

  • Earthquakes

Fracking entails drilling underneath the earth’s surface and the use of highly pressurized water. This process can cause shifts in the earth’s surface, which can then lead to the production of earthquakes. These shifts in the earth’s surface cannot even be predicted or controlled, which increases the risk of an earthquake occurring; an incredibly dangerous side effect that comes with the use of fracking.

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Final Word

Fracking though a great source of energy and boost to the economy of a company, is not without its downfalls. When considering fracking as a source of energy, it is important to consider that fracking has a negative impact on the environment. Fracking has had both a positive and negative impact, but how it will go on to affect our future depends on whether we continue its usage.

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