5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Properly

How to Teach Your Child Toothbrushing A Mum Reviews

5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Properly 

Getting your kids to brush their teeth can oftentimes be the most difficult task for parents. This is because children would rather watch television or continue playing games than complete this basic task. But could adding entertainment help to make brushing more enjoyable for everyone involved? In this article, we will be providing you with five of the simple ways that you can encourage your kids to brush.

5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Properly A Mum Reviews

  • Let Your Kids Pick Their Brush

One of the biggest ways to encourage your children to brush is to let them pick their toothbrush. With a number of Oral B brushes themed with Disney characters and other characters from TV shows, they are specifically designed to capture the attention of your children and encourage them to brush in the long term. By taking them to the shop and allowing them to choose their own brush, you are encouraging them to get excited about brushing their teeth.

5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Properly A Mum Reviews

  • Try Incorporating Music

In addition to letting them pick their own brush, there is also the option of incorporating music into their everyday brushing routine. With a song that lasts around 2 mins, you can distract them and encourage them to brush whilst bopping along to their favourite song. This is ideal, particularly for little ones as the music can help to make brushing more enjoyable. Alternatively, you can put together a playlist of all their favourite songs and let them pick allowing them to feel more involved over time.

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  • Brush Your Teeth Together

Your children enjoy spending time with you, so brushing your teeth together can really help. By doing this, you can lead by example and show them how to brush their teeth correctly. This way, you can ensure that they are doing it properly and can limit the chances of unexpected damage to the teeth. Find the best dentist London clinics to provide medical care should your child be experiencing problems with their teeth, but it is important to ensure that they are brushing their teeth properly in the first place.

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  • Create A Star System

Though music is important, you may also benefit from a reward system. With a simple sticker chart or a book, you can keep track of their achievements. With every successful day of brushing, you can then win a star or a line in the book. This can then be associated with a value such as extra pocket money or a prize of their choice. This not only acts as positive reinforcement, but it gives your child an incentive to try harder and work towards something in the long term.

5 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Properly A Mum Reviews

  • Try Incorporating Technology

The final way that you can get your children to brush is by using technology. There are a number of mobile phone apps as well as smart toothbrushes that allow your children to enjoy brushing. Though it will take time to break any bad habits, using a tablet to encourage them to brush will benefit you in the long term.

With this in mind, there are a number of new and creative ways that you can encourage your children to brush. Whether you decide to partner it with a reward scheme or tie it into their favourite TV show, you can encourage them to brush for the full two minutes, morning and night with no fuss. Which of these will you be choosing?

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