6 Ways to Make Your Lawn the Best in the Neighborhood

6 Ways to Make Your Lawn the Best in the Neighborhood A Mum Reviews

6 Ways to Make Your Lawn the Best in the Neighborhood

Adorning our beloved lawns is an activity that requires patience and perseverance. Sure, mowing once in a while can make your yard fresh and lively but is it enough? Cultivating your lawn does not only require mowing and cutting the tall grass, but it also involves keeping it healthy inside and out.

A healthy lawn’s benefits include fresher air, reduced noise, enhanced flood control, prevents erosion, and adds visual appeal to your home. Having a healthy lawn does not only benefit you but also the environment, and making your garden the best in your neighborhood will certainly say a lot about your appreciation to take care of what’s around you.

As stated above, taking care of your lawn does not only include mowing. Below are some of the ways to keep your property healthy and greener.

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  • Control the Weeds or They Will Control You

Weeds can prevent growth by blocking necessary nutrients and air supply from the grassroots. It can have a significant effect on the state of your property. These weeds can also appear anywhere and grow as either a flower or seed heads and can prevent a healthy-looking and greener lawn. That’s why it is better to control these weeds early on.

The simplest solution is to pull out the weeds, including its roots. This solution is achievable using garden tools or by hand. You can also opt to apply granular weed control products for better effect. Visit https://lawn.com.au/ to have more ideas on how to take care of your lawn and make it the best that it can be.

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  • Water Your Lawn Adequately

When watering your lawn, the best time is early in the morning. In this way, the early morning sun will help to dry up the grass. In contrast, watering your lawn at night can result in prolonged moisture on the blades and causes some diseases. Turning your sprinklers for a few minutes may not give the adequate water that your lawn needs.

To have a healthier-looking lawn, watering it deeply and less frequently will do the trick. In doing this, you are letting the roots grow deeper down into the soil. Watering profoundly helps your grass to stay green and healthy come the drought season. The recommendation in watering your plants is 1 inch of water once a week.

One technique of measuring the water level your grass is getting is by placing shallow containers on your lawn and opening your sprinklers on. Keep watering until most of the containers are getting 1-inch deep water.

You’ll also need to add more grass seed occasionally to keep your lawn looking full and healthy. You can buy the best grass seed online to have it available for top ups when needed.

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  • Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration involves piercing holes in the soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate your grassroots. This process also improves the interaction between the ground and the air around it. Fertilizers can easily penetrate the soil, leading to a much healthier-looking lawn. You can use a garden fork or even aerating shoes to get the job done.

Aerating also gives the grass enough space to grow, leading to better oxygen uptake and nutrient secretion. It can also help in managing lawns that are waterlogging or dry.

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  • Mow Properly and Don’t Rake the Clippings

Mowing your lawn is not as easy as it seems. When trimming, cut only the top ⅓ of the grass. The reason for this is that the top one-third of the grass decomposes quickly and helps produce nitrogen that your lawn needs. Also, consider buying a reel mower, which cuts like scissors that leave healthier grass clippings.

Surprisingly, grass clippings have a substantial benefit on your lawn, so don’t rake them! The clippings can add moisture and will return much-needed nutrients to the soil. Also, leaving the grass clippings on your lawn will undoubtedly save you time taking care of it.

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  • Use Fertilizers When Needed

Various fertilizers found in the market are way too many for you to try. The best thing to do is to look for fertilizers appropriate for the type of soil you have and the kind of weather in your location. Different fertilizers come with other guidelines and instructions, so it is best to follow them for better results.

The recommended time to apply fertilizers is during early spring when the soil is rich with nitrogen, and another in the fall where fertilizers high in phosphate are the correct ones to use. Light feedings in between will also help in maintaining a healthy lawn.

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  • Too Much Thatch is Not Okay

Thatch is dead plant materials that can build up between the leaves and the soil. It consists of dead grass, leaves, and roots. A little thatch is okay, but too much is harmful because too much thatch blocks essential nutrients and moisture to penetrate your lawn.

Removing thatch includes scarification, a process of removing and eliminating layers of thatch – which uses a thatch rake for smaller lawns and a power rake for bigger ones. Eliminating thatch layers will make it easier for air, water, and other nutrients to penetrate your soil, therefore leaving you with a much greener and healthier-looking lawn.


Keeping our environment clean and in good shape always starts in our backyard. It may be a small thing for you, but it is a massive contribution to nature. Taking care of our lawns may seem a tiring thing to do but with the right ways to guide us, healthier and greener properties are obtainable. Make your lawn the best in the neighborhood with the tips above!

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