7 Best Bits of Activewear to Keep You Moving Through Pregnancy

7 Best Bits of Activewear to Keep You Moving Through Pregnancy

The 7 Best Bits of Activewear to Keep You Moving Through Pregnancy

This is a guest article by Charlie Barker, founder of Bumps & Burpees. Charlie is a best-selling author and personal trainer who loves helping women on their journeys finally become comfortable within both their bodies and mindset throughout their pregnancies.

Staying active through pregnancy is crucial. After all, you’re staying healthy for two! But what do you do as your body changes over the course of the pregnancy? Buying the right workout wear may not be the first thing you consider when preparing for the birth of your child, but when old leggings and band shirts just aren’t cutting it anymore, you’ll be wishing you had. Finally, you can now get the most trendy and comfortable sportswear directly from the top activewear manufacturers, they will deliver the finished product on time and use top-notch fabric materials. With them, you now have the  option to customize your sportswear according to your specific needs and requirements.

For a lot of women, using the activewear already in their wardrobe works well into their pregnancy but for others, we may need to change a few pieces here and there. Below are some of the best brands specialising in gym clothes specifically tailored for pregnant and post-natal women!

7 Best Bits of Activewear to Keep You Moving Through Pregnancy


Everyone going through pregnancy will be well aware of the bump! For some, the bump will begin to grow in the first trimester and for others it will come further into the pregnancy. The important thing to remember is that there is no reason to cling on to those old leggings built for a different body. Embrace the changes with these options designed to work with the new you!

  • LatchedUK

Latched’s Maternity Leggings are all about comfort. Their fabric is designed to stretch with your bump!

I couldn’t part with the Latched Maternity Shorts towards the end of my pregnancy with Alfie. I even ended up taking them into the hospital with me!

  • Natal Active

Natal Active coming in cropped and full-length leggings are an absolute life saver. Comfortable, breathable, adorable.

  • Luna Gray Leggings

If you’re wanting a bit of pzazz in your workout, Luna Gray have got you covered! They’re great for fun, funky patterns that work with your bump – no matter the size!

  • Lululemon

Lululemon have helped me out so much in the post-natal period. They stretched with my bump right up until the end of my pregnancy and then snapped right back to its normal size!

7 Best Bits of Activewear to Keep You Moving Through Pregnancy

Sports Bras

Often, one of the first things you’ll notice to change is your bra size and that by month two, your old sports bras might just not be cutting it. During my first pregnancy, the upsizing came a little later but it’s well worth preparing ahead of time. Personally, sizing up Nike sports bras was enough to support me as my breasts didn’t grow too much. What did expand earlier on was my rib cage.

For those of you who want to run, I would consider swapping out your maternity bras for ones designed to give more support such as the ones from Latched and Natal Active. Here are the ones that saw me through both of my pregnancies with all around support and comfiness throughout!

  • LatchedUK

Those familiar with the Latched nursing bra will understand its reasons for making this list. The name of the game here is adaptability. Latched does away with underwires and gives wearers the option to choose between traditional straps and racerback ones for high intensity workout support. Each one also comes with bra extenders so it can grow as you do and is fashioned with subtle nursing clips!

  • Natal Active

Comfy and stylish – Natal Active use a super soft material that comes in beautiful range of colours that let you and your bump look good while working out! The bras also come with an extender so they became an absolute staple of my wardrobe through my pregnancy with Alfie and even after birth!

7 Best Bits of Activewear to Keep You Moving Through Pregnancy

A really fantastic recurring theme on the activewear on the list is the range of colours and patterns available now! As someone who practically lives in it, I can’t tell you how nice it is to not only have dull blacks and greys as the only options. Personally, I found that during my first pregnancy a few pieces were enough to get me through and ended up being the best things to wear even after giving birth.

Pregnancy is a significant stage in your life and is the first in that of your child’s, so it’s worth investing to make sure you and looking and feeling your best! If you’re looking for more support on your pregnancy fitness journey, come say hi at Bumps & Burpees.

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