8 Drool-Worthy Cake Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday

8 Drool-Worthy Cake Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday A Mum Reviews

8 Drool-Worthy Cake Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday

We all love our kids and never want to miss a chance to make their every moment happy and memorable. Why do we do that? Well, they are just so adorable and everything they say or do just emanates cuteness. All that cuteness calls for making your kid’s every celebration special and his or her birthday is no exception. A regular birthday cake can be boring and predictable, so why not make it more interesting for your kid. Here are eight cake ideas you can look at if you are looking for a quirky option for your kids’ birthday cake:

  1. Lego cake:
    Is your kid a fan of Lego movies and toys? If the answer is yes, then your kid will love this cake. The cake design will follow the Lego design aesthetics and theme. You can choose as per your kid’s favourite Lego movie or toy character.
  2. Photo cake:
    Photos make memories come alive and are always worth a million smiles. Your kid’s cute and adorable moments are worth showcasing and what better way to do it than a personalised photo cake. Show your kid how much you love him or her with this token of your affection.
  3. Superhero cake:
    Kids love superheroes and are often found imitating or dressing like their favourite hero, be it Iron-man, Spiderman or the Dark Knight himself. Make your kid’s birthday special with a cool cake themed on his or her favourite superhero.
  4. Cartoon cake:
    Cartoons are ageless and kids’ best friends. We all grew up watching and adoring cartoons and wanted cartoons to feature on everything we used, from backpacks to water bottles and tiffin boxes. The same fervour is shared by our kids and a quirky cake based on your kid’s favourite cartoon, be it Minions or Mickey Mouse will surely make your kid’s day.
  5. Gems cake:
    Everyone with a sweet tooth loves gems, kids and grown-ups alike. Gems are colourful and melt in the mouth. A whole cake decorated with gems will be nothing short of a treat for your kid.
  6. Barbie-doll cake:
    Girls love dolls and a barbie doll has a special place in their dolls collection. A barbie-inspired cake will be a perfect treat for your little angel on her birthday.
  7. Toy cake:
    Toys and kids go hand in hand. The ultimate playmate for kids, toys will be a great inspiration for a birthday cake meant for kids. You can choose the theme based on your kid’s choice of toys.
  8. Popsicle cake:
    Out of many things your kid loves, a popsicle surely will be one of them. A cake with a popsicle-inspired design scheme will be a sight to watch for your kid. Get this cake for your kid’s birthday and see the admiration for your choice in his or her eyes.

All these cake ideas use easily available ingredients so you can try making them at home or if you want to save yourself some time and energy, you can order these kids birthday cakes online at the comfort of your home and as per your choice of time and place.

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