A Case for Buying Whole Bean Coffee

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A Case for Buying Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages globally, yet very few people know the wholesome flavor of freshly-brewed whole bean coffee. Most people are accustomed to taking pre-ground coffee found on the shelves of most stores and supermarkets.

Many coffee connoisseurs claim that whole bean coffee is just plain better than pre-ground coffee. But why? If you investigate the difference between the two product options, you’ll discover a variance in flavor, aroma, freshness, and more.

A Case for Buying Whole Bean Coffee A Mum Reviews

Benefits of Buying Whole Bean Coffee


Unless you have had both types of coffee, it’s hard to understand the world of difference in the freshness of processed coffee and freshly-ground coffee. When you buy pre-ground coffee, you sacrifice the freshness in exchange for convenience.

Freshly-ground coffee has a full aroma, unlike its weaker pre-grounded brethren, and has a stronger taste; this difference stems from air moisture, which seeps into coffee once ground.

Quality Control

When it comes to pre-ground coffee, there’s no way for you to ensure quality personally. All you can do is take the word of the brand and sip away. But by buying whole bean coffee, you ensure quality control for every cup of coffee that you drink. You have the ability to inspect each and every bean yourself and only use the best.

More Flavor

With whole-bean coffee, you have more control over the flavor than your standard Nescafe or Folger’s variants offered on store shelves. The flavor of the coffee depends largely on its ground, and this is where you can customize the flavor. By following certain techniques, you can create unique flavors by adding aromatic oils, dissolved solids, and sugars. However, flavor control requires practice, so don’t expect to master it overnight.

A Case for Buying Whole Bean Coffee A Mum Reviews


One of the best things about buying coffee beans is the level of utility and flexibility it provides. If you buy full beans, you can grind them for any form of brewing. Different brew styles require different grind sizes; some brews need to be fine, while others need to be more coarse.

Some of the most popular brewing styles include:

  • Cold brew, extra-coarse grind
  • French press, coarse grind
  • Chemex, coarse grind
  • Percolator, coarse grind
  • Pour-over, medium grind
  • Drip coffee machines, medium grind
  • Aeropress, medium-to-fine grind
  • Espresso, extra-fine grind

Using a french press stainless steel option that is equipped with an advanced filtration device guarantees little to no grinds for your brew.

Longer Shelf Life

You may think that in its raw form, whole bean coffee would have a shorter shelf-life. Actually, it’s quite the opposite: it has a longer shelf-life than pre-ground coffee. And as previously mentioned, the freshness isn’t lost over time, unlike pre-grounded coffee, which loses its freshness during the manufacturing process due to exposure to air.

A Case for Buying Whole Bean Coffee A Mum Reviews

A Hands-on Experience

As the old saying goes, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” Grinding your own coffee is more fun; you get to make it yourself and take in the aroma throughout the process. Also, the whole process is very relaxing, making it the perfect morning ritual.

Tips for Making the Best Cups of Coffee

If you intend to switch to whole bean coffee from pre-ground coffee, then there are additional factors you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips to make the best cups of coffee:

  • Buy about a week’s worth of coffee beans at a time for optimal freshness.
  • Grind the beans right before brewing to maximize the flavor and aroma.
  • Store the coffee beans in an air-tight container to preserve their freshness.
  • Do your research on grind size and how they affect the flavor to master coffee making quickly.
  • Make a habit of pre-infusing your coffee grounds to retain the flavor and freshness better.
  • Brew at the right temperature with the right amount of water. Make sure that you check the roast date to avoid having sub-par quality coffee.
  • Never put the beans in the fridge.

A Mum Reviews

Quality or Convenience

At the end of the day, the “best” option for buying coffee boils down to what you prefer: quality or convenience. If you do have the time to buy whole beans and grind your coffee daily, you can transform your daily coffee experience for the better.

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