A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Chisels: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Chisels: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Chisels: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

The versatility of the chisels can’t be questioned. You can find them being used in almost every industry. We all know about their prominence in the woodworking industry. Then you have the construction, masonry and more. Similarly, chisels are used in the marine industry. And for emergencies, with their precision and control, you can use them as a DIY tool, especially for gardening. Yes, it is a handy gardening tool, as well. With that being said, it is important to buy the right kind of chisel for the task. Let’s guide to buying the right chisels: 

Understanding The Types Of Chisels

Chisels have evolved so much that you can find different types of chisels for a specific application. Before you go around buying chisels, here’s a quick overview of each type: 

  • Wood chisels: As the name suggests, you will find them useful for woodworking. From carving to shaping the wood, they work great. You will find bevelled edges, but there are also different widths available for precision. 
  • Cold Chisels: Think of these as wood chisels but for metal and stones. That’s right. These use hardened steel to assist you with heavy-duty shaping, cutting, and precision detailing work. You can use them for any kind of metal.
  • Masonry Chisels: These are primarily used for concrete, brick, stone, and rocks. Usually, they have a flat and wide blade. Perfect for chipping and cutting, they are the must-have for any masonry task. 
  • Pneumatic Chisels: These are kind of the power tool version of chisels that come with compressed air. They are useful for precision and areas where you can’t use conventional chisels. 

The Material Consideration 

A tool’s material always plays a significant role in its durability, performance, and longevity. Apart from the chisel’s blade material, the handle material also makes a big difference. With that being said, there are different materials you can consider:

  • Carbon steel blades are usually the highest-tier and most durable chisels. There are many other alloys, like chromium-vanadium steel, available, as well. You could also go with typical steel chisels, as well. The objective here will be to look for a chisel that can last long, so corrosion resistance is a must-have quality. 
  • As for the handles, you can find plastic, composite and wooden materials. Plastic material may vary, depending on the grade and quality. Composite or rubber grip might be a great option. Wooden grips are the conventional options if you want to have traditional chisels. 

Other Factors To Consider 

Here is a quick checklist for you to consider other factors:

  • Make sure to invest in different types of chisels according to the blade width and bevel angle. They can help you with different tasks.
  • Make sure that their sharpness and edge retention are good. If not, you will have to invest in their maintenance too much.
  • More than the handle’s material, the design and comfort will play a crucial role. So look for ergonomic designs. 
  • You could also look for specific brands that have positive reviews and feedback from the clients.

It is better to experiment around with a few chisels or go for the right material for the price, and you won’t have any problem. Of course, the budget will always make the difference. 

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