Autumn is here! Fun Things to do at Home

Autumn is here! Fun Things to do at Home

Autumn is here! Fun Things to do at Home

Though the weather is currently very hot here in the UK, September is an autumn month and it will soon start to feel more autumnal with cooler weather and shorter, darker days. Autumn is a wonderful season to enjoy the great outdoors but also the perfect time of the year to get all cosy in the comfort of your own home. In this article, we’ll explore some fun things to do at home to stay entertained this autumn.

  • Give Your Home a Mini-Makeover

At the start of autumn, give your home a mini-makeover to celebrate the new season. Tidy up and declutter, and decorate your home with cosy warm blankets, autumnal colours, and scented candles with warming scents like pumpkin spice, vanilla, or cinnamon.

  • Cook & Bake

When you are spending time at home, it’s nice to take the opportunity to cook and bake with your family or by yourself. Do some batch-cooking of autumnal favourites such as Shepheard’s Pie, chilli, soups, or stews to help your future self or bake something indulgent and delicious like an apple pie or a carrot cake to enjoy straight away.

Autumn is here! Fun Things to do at Home
  • Play Games

This time of the year is the ideal time to get into gaming with your family or friends. There are so many fun and exciting options to enjoy together. Recently, my family has really gotten into EXIT Games and Villainous and the many expansion packs available. It’s a great way to spend time together!

If solo play and casino games are more your thing, there are plenty of free spins casinos online where you can try your luck. Always play responsibly, of course!

  • Have a Movie Night

Snuggle up on the sofa under your cosy blankets to watch new movies while drinking hot chocolate with cream or marshmallows and enjoying some delicious snacks.

Autumn is here! Fun Things to do at Home
  • Read More Books

Treat yourself to a stack of new books or visit your library so that you have some new reading material for the season. There’s nothing better than getting stuck into a new good book, sat in a comfortable chair by the window where the trees outside are changing colour.

  • Do Something Crafty

Autumn is also a great time to get into crafts and learn something new. You could learn how to make your own Halloween or Christmas decorations, how to make a beautiful wreath for your front door, or do something like a paint by numbers project. Get creative and use your hands to make something unique.


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