Back to School Supplies: How to Make Sure They Have Everything

Back to School: How to Make Sure They Have Everything They Need A Mum Reviews

Back to School Supplies: How to Make Sure They Have Everything They Need

As summer starts to fade and we grow closer and closer to autumn, there is another big date that is coming up and that is back to school. The Department for Education in England has stated that it plans to get all kids, in all year groups, back to school full-time in time for the autumn term, which means parents need to start making that back to school list of supplies and essentials now.

But how do you ensure your kids have everything they need in these challenging times where health concerns are top of the list, and money may be tight and hard to come by? Here are some basic tips and advice you can follow and start to put into action right away.

Back to School: How to Make Sure They Have Everything They Need A Mum Reviews

Back to School Supplies

  • Take Stock of Their Clothing

Now is the perfect time to go through your child’s existing school uniform clothing options for autumn and even winter. For those with young kids, there’s a good chance that whatever they were wearing last autumn is probably too small now.

Gather up everything that you want to donate, sell, or throw away and then make a list of the items that will be needed. Creating a list ensures you will get all the essentials, not over-buy, and not pick up unnecessary items.

Back to School: How to Make Sure They Have Everything They Need A Mum Reviews

  • Try a Clothing Swap or Second-Hand Shops

Because kids’ clothing can be very pricey, especially when you feel like you constantly have to replace it and size up, clothing swaps with other parents and second-hand shops can be fabulous tools to use. These will save a huge amount of money and ensure your child has everything they need.

  • Skip the Name-Brand Clothing

Another great way to save money on back to school clothes is to skip the name brand labels. Right there, you will save a small fortune, and when you think about how short of a time they will actually be able to wear the clothing before they grow out of it it just makes good sense to go with cheaper brands.

A Mum Reviews

  • Make a List of School Supplies and Equipment

You will also want to create a list of the school supplies and equipment your children will need for the new year. Again, it’s a good idea to go through their supplies from last year and see if any items can be re-used. Take, for example, their backpack and lunch bag. If they are still in good shape, then there is no need to replace them.

Unsure of what your child needs in terms of supplies? Typically you can find some helpful lists online or even through parent groups online with kids of the same age.

  • What If You Don’t Have the Extra Money for Supplies and Equipment?

Then there is the simple fact that a lot of families across the UK are stretched for money at the moment. With so many jobs lost and hours being cut thanks to the pandemic, finding enough money to pay for the back to school supplies and equipment can be tricky and just plain stressful.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, and you need a little extra money just to cover the initial costs, you may want to look into a payday loan as a short-term fix. Payday UK is a broker that provides you with an instant quote, no fees, and no credit check done.

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A Mum Reviews

  • Start Shopping the Sales

Another money-saving tip for both clothing and school supplies is to only shop the sale items. Tell yourself if it’s not on sale, you won’t be buying it. The good news is that most shops tend to have a variety of back to school sales at this time of year so it’s just a matter of looking at the flyers and being aware of what deals are offered.

If you have been doing the majority of your shopping online, watch for discount and promotion codes from your favourite sites. Sometimes you can sign up for the site’s email list or register for an account, and you’ll be sent a discount code as thanks.

  • You Can Stock Up on Essentials without Spending a Fortune

By using easy of these tips, getting into the habit of shopping with a list, and going through the items you have left from the last school term, you’ll find that you are able to save money and get all the essentials your children need for back to school.

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