Bin Etiquette – Do You Know It?

Bin Etiquette – Do You Know It? A Mum Reviews

Bin Etiquette – Do You Know It?

When it comes to getting rid of rubbish, you might think it’s as easy as opening the nearest bin and chucking in your bin bag. However, whether you’re using the wrong bin or your filling yours with something stinky you might just be breaking one of these sacred bin etiquette rules…

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Bin Etiquette – Do You Know The Rules?

The team at Kwik Sweep have created a list of the most important bin etiquette rules. Do your best to not do the faux pas below:

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1: Using Your Neighbours Bin Without Asking

Using a neighbour’s bin it’s something we’re all guilty of, right? Well, before you sneak in that extra bag of rubbish, it’s actually very rude. Especially when your neighbour is very likely to notice and feel resentful.

So, instead, what can you do? Well, if you have a bit of extra rubbish, simply knock on their door or send them a Facebook message. It will be very unlikely that they’ll say no if they have the space. Plus, if you see a neighbour with an over-flowing bin, return the favour by putting it in your own. If your bin is always full, try to reduce your household waste.

Bin Etiquette – Do You Know It? A Mum Reviews

2: You Leave Your Rubbish Beside Your Bin

We all have weeks where we have a little extra rubbish, which means our bins overflow. However, if you regularly leave bags of rubbish particularly with food waste around, you are likely to attract seagulls, rats and other pests. Before you know it, your rubbish will be strewn across the place and may end up in your neighbour’s garden.

To prevent this, either ask your neighbours if you can use theirs or arrange for an extra pickup from a rubbish collector or visit your local tip.

3: You Put Stinky Rubbish in Communal Areas or On the Pavement

Stinky rubbish whether it’s nappies or old food waste is totally normal. What isn’t normal though, is leaving this rubbish in communal areas or at the front of your home. As, especially when it’s very warm in summer, this smell can be very overpowering and unpleasant for others.

To stop the stench, keep this sort of rubbish at the back of your home. Or, take it to your rubbish to the nearest tip.

Bin Etiquette – Do You Know It? A Mum Reviews

4: Leaving Your Neighbour’s Bin Out

When you go out to collect your bin, it’s very good bin etiquette to bring in your neighbour’s bin too. Not only will this take very little effort on your part, but you’ll keep your neighbours feeling very positive about you. Perfect for when you’d like a favour in return one day! They’ll also be happy to collect your bin when they go out first.

Bin Etiquette – Do You Know It? A Mum Reviews

5: Not Getting Your Bin Emptied While on Holiday

You’re jetting off somewhere sunny for a fortnight of relaxation, which means home chores like putting the bin out get ignored. Yet, you might just be committing bad bin etiquette by doing this. Why? Well, if your bin has anything that might smell or rot such as food you might be leaving your neighbours with a terrible stench.

Instead, why not ask your neighbours if they would mind sticking your bin out while you’re away? You could even tell them they could use your bin in your absence. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable asking your neighbours, ask a friend or family member to nip round to check your home and stick the bin out for you.

The key to good bin etiquette is to not commit any offences that you wouldn’t like your neighbours to do. So, keep your bins in order and your neighbours happy!

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