Why I Buy Baby Clothes On Ebay

Why I Buy Baby Clothes On Ebay a mum reviews

I thought I’d put together a list called Why I Buy Baby Clothes On Ebay. Here we go!

  • It saves me money. You can buy good quality brands for almost no money at all if you are not too picky and are looking ahead of time.
  • Items are more unique. You usually will not see lots of other babies with the same clothes since items on Ebay are often not this season’s.
  • The quality is good! Most people seem to only use clothes with one baby and then sell them. Often clothes are only used a few times or not at all because it’s very common that people buy too many baby clothes or are given them as gifts. Items like UV-suits, swimwear and fancy dress outfits are usually only used for one holiday or event, then sold.
  • The toxins are washed out! If the items have been used, they have also been washed, which means that all the bad stuff sprayed onto clothes to make them not crease in the shops will be washed out. Having already been washed a few times also means that the fabric is softer on your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Bundles! Often clothes are sold in bundles which means you can get a whole bunch of clothes in one go for less money than when you buy separate items.
  • It’s fun! I love a bargain and I love finding fun and different outfits for my daughter (and myself!).
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