Can You Get Pregnant if You Have a Polyp?

Can You Get Pregnant if You Have a Polyp?

Can You Get Pregnant if You Have a Polyp?

After having my second baby and my periods had returned, I became anemic for the first time in my life (even though I don’t take any regular supplements and have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old) and this was because my periods had become extremely heavy. They had always been quite heavy but were now at a stage where I would bleed through three big night pads during the night. One of them should last all night for someone with heavy periods so this was a big sign that something wasn’t quite right.

I went to see the doctor and got a referral to have an ultrasound and to see a gynecologist to discuss the results. The referral to see the gynecologist was very delayed and I think I had to wait three months or something like that before I was seen. The ultrasound showed that I most likely had a polyp in my uterus and this could be the cause of my very heavy periods.

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We had been planning to try for our third baby and didn’t wait for the gynecologist appointment before trying and I got pregnant very quickly like with our previous children so I’m happy to say that having a polyp did not affect my fertility this time. I did all the same things I had done before my previous pregnancies to help increase my chances to get pregnant quickly.

It is true that polyps can affect your ability to get pregnant or make you more likely to miscarry. For some women, it helps to have polyps removed before trying to get pregnant.

My third and last pregnancy went well and now I’m back to having my uterus investigated as my periods are still very heavy. The gynecologist that I saw the first time around said that the polyp might come out during the birth but I’ve had another ultrasound now that still shows a polyp and am awaiting further investigations and treatments.

I don’t know exactly what treatments I will have to have or what the results will be but I just wanted to share that it is possible to get pregnant and have a healthy normal pregnancy even if you have a uterine polyp. My next step is to see the gynecologist and having a hysteroscopy to get a clearer picture of what’s going on and what can be done.

Have you got any experience with polyps and fertility? Please share in the comments below.


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