#ClothNappyMonday – Are Cheap eBay Cloth Nappies Any Good?

#ClothNappyMonday - It's Not All or Nothing with Cloth Nappies! A Mum Reviews

#ClothNappyMonday – Are Cheap eBay Cloth Nappies Any Good?

When shopping online for cloth nappies, you’ll probably notice that the price of different brands varies hugely. Some nappies are really expensive and around £30 each (special edition prints can cost loads more) and then there are really cheap ones available from Amazon and eBay. One of these cheaper brands is LittleBloom (sometimes known as YellowBloom) cloth nappies and I have six in my stash.

The price was attractive of course but the main thing that made me try them was that they’re available as bamboo charcoal nappies with a charcoal inner and charcoal inserts. This is perfect if you, like me, get annoyed with stains on nappies!

In this stash shot you can see six LittleBloom nappies: the two bee striped ones, the one with clouds, the pink one with jungle animals, the blue and white chevron one and the owl one.

When you buy LittleBloom nappies on eBay (that’s where I bought them), you choose your designs and whether you just want the pocket nappy or if you want an insert of your choice with your nappy. I think I paid £4.59 each for mine (with a charcoal insert with each) and when you buy 5, you get a sixth one for free. I also bough 10 more charcoal inserts and got a nice nappy wet bag with my order and a sample of one of their other inserts too which was very generous. 

The nappies come in a bunch of fun designs and the pocket nappies are adjustable and have lots of poppers to get the right fit. They fit my toddler really well and she is quite obsessed with a few of the ones we have, especially the minky polka dot one that she thinks is a ladybird!

We use our charcoal nappies with double charcoal inserts and no liners as the fabric is nice and soft on my toddler’s bottom anyway and poo falls off them easily into the toilet when needed.

When it comes to absorbency, they’re not as good as our favourite Baba+Boo nappies, but they last a good 2+ hours and they wash so well and dry very quickly. I often use these at home first thing in the morning when I know there will usually be a poo soon! I don’t tend to use them out and about as I prefer Baba+Boo for that as I know they are more absorbent we use Baba+Boo at night too so I know they can handle a lot of daytime wee!

Overall, the LittleBloom charcoal nappies are fun and have a good fit. They are affordable and easy to care for and I would buy them again. They’re a good choice for starting out using cloth nappies to see how you get on but I wouldn’t have them as the only brand in my stash due to them not being as absorbent as some of the other brands that we use. Find them on eBay.

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Another really affordable option is Alva Baby nappies (above). Read my review of Alva Baby nappies here.

Have you tried cheap eBay nappies? What’s your experience?

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