#ClothNappyMonday – Alva Baby One Size Cloth Nappies Review

#ClothNappyMonday – Alva Baby One Size Cloth Nappies Review A Mum Reviews

#ClothNappyMonday – Alva Baby One Size Cloth Nappies Review

I’m back with another Cloth Nappy Monday post after a break last week due to the chesty cold that the family is fighting at the moment. Today’s post is all about a brand that’s very affordable, stylish and popular Alva Baby.

#ClothNappyMonday – Alva Baby One Size Cloth Nappies Review A Mum Reviews

The first time I noticed these nappies was when I came across the Fox design that you can see above to the right. It is a great design, isn’t it? So much fun and orange is my favourite colour!

The fun designs and the price are the aspects that made me decide to give these cloth nappies a go but also the fact that they’re pocket nappies as they dry quickly I need this in the winter!#ClothNappyMonday – Alva Baby One Size Cloth Nappies Review A Mum Reviews

Alva Baby One Size nappies are designed to fit both babies and toddlers (8 -33lbs approximatel) and the size can be adjusted using the rows of poppers on the front rise. We did this at first but now our youngest is 17 months old and we don’t adjust the size at all for her which is nice and easy!

There are poppers on the hip and crossover ones too to get a good fit around the waist. These nappies are easy to get a good fit with on our toddler. The wings often fold back on themselves a bit but that doesn’t affect performance at all.

Each Alva Baby nappy comes complete with an absorbent 3-layer microfibre insert that you stuff into the pocket. I find the inserts easy to stuff into the pocket and surprisingly good! They last 2-3 hours and hold a lot of wee. You can add extra boosters if needed but I’m happy with them on their own for every day, around the house use.

The actual nappy has an outer layer made of waterproof and breathable TPU and the inside is made of suede cloth with is quite soft and helps keep your baby dry as it wicks the moisture away into the insert. This material attracts fluff from other fabrics in the wash but it’s not too annoying and I use a fleece liner on top anyway.#ClothNappyMonday – Alva Baby One Size Cloth Nappies Review A Mum ReviewsAlva Baby cloth nappies are easy to care for and wash well, other than the fluff-attraction! The covers dry very quickly and the inserts do too. Air drying is best for the covers but the inserts can be tumble dried if needed. I was at 40-60 degrees and mainly air dry.

I didn’t have very high expectations when I bought these nappies but I’m positively surprised and very impressed with how they perform. I have these three featured in this review and am planning to buy another three or so. I bought them through Fill Your Pants via eBay and am just waiting for the new designs to be available there too, then I’ll get a few more. They’re only £6.95 each which is great value.

Have you tried nappies from Alva Baby?

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