Christmas Gifts to Give to a Homebound Person

Christmas Gifts to Give to a Homebound Person

Christmas Gifts to Give to a Homebound Person

Remember those Hollywood movies where the shy girl gets involved with some badass boy and cries at home eating ice cream? Then, she worries about where she’ll find a good guy, especially since she doesn’t like going out and meeting new people.

Well, homebodies like these are lovely soul beings, just like outgoing fun addicts who create new relationships every weekend. If you’d give extroverts accessories and things they can use out of their home, what do you get a homebound person, you might ask? And the answer is simple: accessories and things they can use when they’re at home.

Keep reading to see precisely what a stay-at-home person expects to receive from you when you return home from your winter vacation this year.

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You don’t need to stress to find the perfect gift

A lovely pastel mug might be the first thing to come to your mind when deciding on a significant gift. This will keep the homebody’s beverage hot long after they’ve brewed it because the coolest part about being inside is taking their sweet, sweet time. However, souvenirs and presents should be taken according to their hobbies and the places you visit.

For example, if you go to the Christmas market in Belgium, ensure you get an assortment of international snacks to please their soul through their taste buds. With the Grand Place light show, cuisine, and shopping, this is one of Europe’s top Christmas markets. Have you tried Glühwein? It’s a mulled wine that can translate to glow wine because of how drinking it makes you feel, and it is something both the giver and recipient can enjoy. Also, ensure you don’t leave Belgium without experiencing tartiflette – a warm and hearty dish that’s among the most popular things to eat at the market. If you have more time in Belgium, include Burges and Antwerp on your itinerary for the dazzling feeling that pervades the air when buildings are wintery and gleaming, as well as the best shopping adventure.

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There are many things that show a homebody consideration

Whatever you choose to buy a homebody, there are some things that would amaze them, like a moon-lamp. It’s the perfect gift as it can send a calming and heavenly vibe and is aesthetic, too. However, this is just a material thing. If you truly care about your dear buddy, why not go further and make them a gift they’ll never forget, like booking a trip to a resort? If you do so, you can’t go wrong with choosing a popular one. For example, go to a place that’s highly renowned throughout shopping lovers, like Paris, as here, you and your beloved one can enjoy more than good food and comfy, top-notch rooms. They’ll surely enjoy the road, especially if you go to Paris by train to sight-see the magic views the country has to offer. While you’re there, make them small but significant gifts too.

Here are some beautiful ideas to inspire from:

  • A tin of cocktail salt or sugar for their at-home drinks. This can come in so many creative flavors that they may as well contact the Food Network and obtain their own bartending show.
  • A beginner’s stitching kit. You can choose one for grownups, so they can do something relaxing with their hands while binge-watching yet another Netflix series.
  • A mini waffle maker. Why let them wish to go to the International House of Pancakes when they can do their own adorably-sized waffles at home?
  • A daily planner. If you choose an encouraging, adorable daily planner, they might even plan on hanging out with you sometime. 
  • An adjustable bamboo bathtub tray. What more effortless and cheaper way to turn a bathroom into a spa than helped by a bamboo bathtub tray? 
  • A trio lasagna pan. This one’s perfect for fun dinners at home and can be used for more tasty preps. 
  • A memory foam seat cushion. This will decrease the pain from long hours spent sitting down.
Christmas Gifts to Give to a Homebound Person

Mountains offer the best views

Do you remember the feeling you had when you first saw the mountains full of snow? And can you agree that the first time you walk the mountain is incomparable with any other winter experience? In that case, maybe you can make your recipient enjoy a “first-time” feeling by taking them to one of the most well-known resorts in the mountains. 

Switzerland is known for more than excellent healthcare and social security. It has truly breath-taking views of its mountains and the smell of snow. If you’ve ever thought of going to a Switzerland ski resort, but didn’t find the time or found it complicated to get there, know that you can work during the day and take a train at night. It’s not as complicated as going to Bali, so why not take advantage of the weekend and go relax, enjoy spas and some quality time? 

If going to a foreign country is off the table, you certainly can come up with other amazing ideas to blow your homebody away, like a fancy dinner or a movie night. 

Christmas Gifts to Give to a Homebound Person

The most popular capitals offer the best shopping experience

The most popular capitals are the safest choices if you’re traveling only for bargain hunting. For example, Vienna. For the ultimate shopping experience, visit the city from the end of November to buy from a plethora of Christmas markets, known as Weihnachtsmärkte, that spring up all throughout the city. However, Vienna offers great shopping experiences and is also lovely in any season, thanks to its royal charm and breathtaking architecture. 

If you’re planning a trip in the United Kingdom, be it in Westminster or at the Christmas market in London, you’ll undoubtedly find something mind-blowing. If you’re in Amsterdam already, you can take the train to London to relax while reading a book or scrolling through your phone. However, on the streets of London, when the smell of goodies dumbfounds you, you’ll have various products to spruce up the design of any house and comfort homebodies on rainy days when they only want snacks and Netflix. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is the largest and most well-known of London’s Christmas markets. This first opened in 2006, and besides food and shopping stalls, you should also visit the gigantic Ferris Wheel, the UK’s largest outdoor ice-skating rink, the fantasy ice kingdom, and more. Don’t leave London without visiting Spitalfields, too. Here, entry is free, and there will be plenty of fantastic gift ideas and seasonal snacks to enjoy. If your homebody likes homemade crafts, Southbank Centre Christmas is a go-to; here, you will also enjoy the carols and warm beverages that the merchandisers offer.

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There are things a person who stays at home a lot wouldn’t use

Of course, any souvenir or gift you bring is welcome. Yet, there are things that a homebody would put aside and forget about. And when such “stuff” loads up and clutters their room, they’ll likely throw them away; it’s just a question of when. Therefore, you should think before purchasing, and it would be excellent if you knew what hobbies the recipient has.

First things first, before buying a huge bag, coffee recipients, umbrellas, luggage and so on…ask yourself if they’ll use them that much and see if you can find something comfier to use at home. Instead of a beverage recipient, maybe you can find a nice set of mugs. Instead of an umbrella, maybe you can find a warm, fuzzy blanket they can wear around the house. Before you jump on a troller, perhaps you should buy an advent calendar with multiple gifts and decorations for their home. And if you’re looking for a perfume, maybe a top-notch home perfume blows them away better. 

  • Customize, customize, customize…

Customization is key in many situations. Why? Well, it shows absolute care and interest in the person who receives the gift. It shows you know them and appreciate and support their hobbies and beliefs, and what better feelings can a gift deliver than consideration and love? None, of course.

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