#ClothNappyMonday – Best Clothes to Fit Over Cloth Nappies

#ClothNappyMonday – Best Clothes to Fit Over Cloth Nappies A Mum Reviews

#ClothNappyMonday – Best Clothes to Fit Over Cloth Nappies

One thing that’s quite obvious when it comes to cloth nappies is that they are bulkier than single-use/disposable nappies. Most of us love the cute, big bums but it can be difficult to find clothes to fit over cloth nappies and you do have to shop a bit differently, keeping a few things in mind when you choose clothes for your baby or toddler.

There are a few things and types of clothing that I have found work well for us and in this post I’ll share them with you. #ClothNappyMonday – Best Clothes to Fit Over Cloth Nappies A Mum Reviews

Best Clothes to Fit Over Cloth Nappies – Trousers

There are a few types of trousers that I have found work well with cloth bums and they are:

  • Loose-fit, harem style trousers as they naturally offer more space for a bulkier nappy. Frugi make some lovely ones but you can find them in many other stores too. Just look for a looser fit around the bottom and legs but still tailored with cuffs at the bottom to keep the legs from becoming a tripping hazard and a decent waistband to keep them in place. Trousers from the boys’ department are usually looser and better suitable for cloth nappies compared to the skinny leggings from the girls’ department in many stores. Hubalu make lovely leggings that are cut for cloth nappies too.
  • Stretchy leggings/trousers like the amazing ones from Blade & Rose are our go to trousers! We have 4 or 5 Blade & Rose leggings (and some adorable shorts too!) and though they look very slim, they are super stretchy and work really well with cloth nappies. Frugi make some similar leggings with stretchy bottoms.
  • Cropped normal baby/toddler leggings. I bought some cropped style leggings this summer in a size up for my toddler and that pretty much makes them wider fit normal legging as they end up not being very cropped at all but allow room for a cloth nappy bum.
  • Loose or stretchy dungarees work really well with cloth nappies and we use these types of trousers a lot. I do prefer using normal trousers just because it’s easier to check the nappy to see if it needs changing. Cloth nappies contain the smell so well, it can be difficult to know when you’re baby or toddler has pooed so you need to check by looking.

Best Clothes to Fit Over Cloth Nappies – Tops, Vests & Nightwear

  • For the same reason, I prefer using tops instead of vests now. With my firstborn, I loved vests as they helped keep the nappy in place. I wasn’t using cloth nappies back then and now I know cloth nappies don’t need the same help staying up as they don’t get all soggy and droopy like single-use nappies. If you do use vests then you can either go up a size or use baby vest extenders like these from Fill Your Pants. Vests that are too tight over the crotch are naturally uncomfortable but they can also cause compression leaks when using cloth nappies. Vest extenders help avoid these issues.
  • When it comes to nightwear, I choose looser fit style sleepsuits and pyjamas too. Our newest one is the beautiful Bear Cub Company Zip Bear Cub Suit which is made from a lovely and stretchy material that feels very comfortable and fits well over a padded bottom. I also love that they are footless as the ones with feet don’t work very well at my toddler’s current age (16 months). The legs are usually too long and she trips over the feet… Footless is the way to go as you usually need a bigger size to allow room for the nappy.

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