#ClothNappyMonday – How Many Cloth Nappies Do You Need?

#ClothNappyMonday - It's Not All or Nothing with Cloth Nappies! A Mum Reviews

#ClothNappyMonday – How Many Cloth Nappies Do You Need?

So, how many cloth nappies do you really need if you want to use cloth nappies full-time? It depends on many factors and some of them are:

  • How old your child is.
  • How many children you have in nappies.
  • How often you want to do laundry.
  • How quickly your chosen nappies dry.
  • How you plan to dry them.
  • How big your budget is.

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The very minimum is 15-25 nappies but I have around 40 I think and that’s because 12 of them are slow-drying but lovely AIO nappies from TotsBots that I love but don’t get as much use of in the autumn/winter as they don’t dry quickly enough to be my main nappies. I mainly use my other, more quick-drying ones now that it’s cold and drying time outdoors is limited. You can dry the TotsBots Easyfit Star nappies in the dryer on a low temperature but my dryer doesn’t have any temperature settings, just time. Next time I buy a dryer (when we move house), I will get one with a cool setting.

I have a mix of AIO nappies and pocket nappies and pocket nappies are great as the inserts can be dried in the dryer when needed and the pockets dry really quickly on an airer. If you have a nappy system that means you can wash and dry a load a day, you can get away with very few nappies but I prefer to not use the dryer as often and it’s always nice to have some back-up nappies available.

I like to wash quite often and don’t mind washing nappies with other washing like kids’ clothes so I usually do a wash every day most days. I’m really slow at putting the washing away as it’s a very annoying task to do when the kids are in the same room so it might take me a few days before the clean washing is back in its place. Therefore, I like to have a large stash so that this is not stressful for me.#ClothNappyMonday – Using Cloth Nappies in AutumnWinter A Mum Reviews A Mum Reviews

Cloth nappies are also a bit of a hobby for me now so I love buying and trying new brands to review here on my blog. That explains my quite large stash too! I only have one child in nappies but will hopefully have a third baby sometime in the future and will use the nappies again then. When we’re done having kids, I will donate the stash to a cloth nappy library or charity so they’ll never go to waste, even if I buy too many!

How many cloth nappies are in your stash?

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