Little LoveBum Discount Code & AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

Little LoveBum AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

Little LoveBum Discount Code & AIO Reusable Nappies

This is the blog post for you if you’re looking to find out what the difference is between the All In One (AIO) nappies from Little LoveBum. There are currently three different One Size AIO nappies available (and a newborn one too!) and in this post I’ll share what they have in common and what the differences are too.

Little LoveBum Discount Code

Little LoveBum QuickDry, Everyday & Mighty AIOs – Things in Common

These three nappies have lots of things in common:

  • They are all All-in-One nappies with no separate parts so don’t require any prepping.
  • They are very easy to use!
  • They have a stay dry lining so there’s no need for a separate fleece liner.
  • They have double popper closures.
  • They have cross over poppers to fit smaller babies.
  • They have hip poppers to prevent wing droop.
  • They have rise poppers to adjust the size to fit your little one.
  • They have gentle elastics.
  • They are easy to fit as you don’t need to tuck them into the knicker line like you do with most cloth nappies.
Little LoveBum Discount Code & AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

As you can see above, they look quite similar from the outside. Especially when they’re all in the same print! This one is called StormBorn and is perfect for a rainbow lover like myself. My toddler absolutely adores this print too and they’re her nappies so I thought why not get them all in her favourite print!

Little LoveBum AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

It’s mainly on the inside where the differences are, except for a few outer features on the Mighty too. I will get into more detail about each type below.

Quickdry Little LoveBum

Little LoveBum QuickDry

Let’s start with the Little LoveBum QuickDry as this is the one I have the most experience with. I’ve been using these for a long time now and love them. They dry really fast like the name suggests and they’re great quality. You can’t tell that this one is not new like the other nappies in the photos.

This nappy is a regular birth to potty size and fits babies/toddlers weighting 10-35lbs. The absorbent inside has a microfibre core covered in coffee fibre mesh which said to have anti-bacterial properties and reduces smells and staining. It can also help keep bums cool in hot weather.

Little LoveBum Discount Code & AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

The Quickdry works very well for this with the addition of a natural fiber booster. Bare & Boho Bamboo Boosters fit very nicely (that’s what you can see poking out in the photo further up with all three nappies open) and Thirsties Hemp Inserts in Size 1 are a great fit too. I use either – whichever one is available when I’m putting the clean nappies away. I put the booster under the absorbent core of the nappy which keeps it in place nicely. Little LoveBum also make their own bamboo mix boosters. I don’t use any fleece liners in these nappies as the lining already provides a stay dry function and there’s no risk of staining.

Little LoveBum Everyday

Little LoveBum Everyday

Next up, the Everyday which is quite new to me. I was excited to try the other types of AIOs that Little LoveBum offer. The Little LoveBum Everyday is a slim and absorbent nappy with natural fibers. It’s got two layers of hemp and 2 layers of bamboo and is topped with a stay dry lining.

Little LoveBum AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

It’s very absorbent thanks to these layers of natural fibers so I don’t add any boosters to this one but you can of course if needed.

Little LoveBum Discount Code & AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

The hemp and bamboo are separate from each other to speed up drying and this also means that  you can place a booster in the middle or at the bottom. I’m quite impressed with the drying speed of this one too, I expected it to take ages, but it does not. I usually add a fleece liner to these just to prevent staining, but it’s not needed. The Everyday is the same size as the Quickdry and fits between 10-35lbs.

Mighty Little LoveBum

Little LoveBum Mighty

Last but not least – the Little LoveBum Mighty which is a plus size nappy for chunkier babies and heavy wetters. It fits from average 17-40lbs.

Little LoveBum Discount Code & AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

The Mighty has hemp layers on the bottom and a microfibre layer at the top for quick absorption (great for big toddler wees!) plus a stay dry layer as well so you don’t need a fleece liner unless you want to use one to prevent staining.

Little LoveBum Discount Code & AIO Reusable Nappies Comparison

Other features of the Mighty include an elasticated waist at the front as well for extra leak protection and longer tabs to fit better on bigger babies/toddlers. I find this nappy very absorbent without boosting and it works very well with my toddler. I can see it fitting all the way until potty training too. Like the Everyday, it dries much faster than I expected too which is a huge plus!


I love all three of these AIO nappies from Little LoveBum. They work so well for us and I’d recommend them to anyone who wants and easy to use and reliable option. They’d also be ideal for childcare as they’re so simple to fit.

If you’re expecting a new baby, definitely check out the newborn nappies from Little LoveBum too as they look amazing!

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