Cooking Simple But Tasty Meals For One – A Guide By AgeUK

Cooking Simple But Tasty Meals For One A Mum Reviews

Cooking Simple But Tasty Meals For One – A Guide By AgeUK

Many people don’t enjoy cooking as much when they’re “only” cooking for themselves. I’m the same and often find it difficult to find the motivation to cook some proper food when it’s just me eating and would happily just have a sandwich. A real meal is better though more nutritious and tastier, too!

AgeUK have put together an introduction to cooking simple but tasty meals for one with some great tips for solo cooking. This is often relevant to the elderly but also to anybody else who cooks for one.Cooking Simple But Tasty Meals For One A Mum Reviews

One thing they mention in this article that I swear by myself is frugal freezing. I very often cook more than I or we need and save leftovers for the next day and put a few servings in the freezer. This way, I’ll have some back up meals ready for days when I don’t feel like cooking. I do this with pasta sauces, lasagna and chilli. Pasta sauces are especially handy for solo meals and I use small glass containers meant for baby food that are just the perfect size for a serving of yummy homemade pasta sauce.

I cook really simple pasta sauces and never use a recipe. As long as you have garlic, tomato paste or tinned tomator and herbs and spices you can create something delicious! Other good ingredients to put in your sauces are: pesto, cream cheese, minced meat or vegetarian option, vegetable stock or vegetables peppers and onions are lovely. Cook your favourite type of pasta, heat your sauce, dish it up and cover in lots of grated parmesan, mozzarella or cheddar cheese. That’s a perfect meal for me!

It’s also very helpful to keep your cupboards stocked with everyday essentials and spices so that you always have something healthy in that you can easily cook.

Read the full article on the AgeUK website.

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