Design a Dream Bed with Silentnight and Win Prizes!

Design a Dream Bed with SilentNight and Win Prizes! A Mum Reviews

There’s a fun competition running now where Silentnight wants you to let your child design their dream bed! My daughter is only 13 months old so I have come up with ideas that I know she would love.

My daughter plays a lot in her cot during the day but it’s getting a bit cramped now that she’s not a little baby anymore. A big bed with soft walls would be ideal! Either high up or sunken into the floor. Some kind of combination of the beds above (pictures from Pinterest). The walls would be padded and there would be plenty of cushions to lean against when tired and wanting to relax or sleep.

To get into the bed you would use a slide because what better way is there for a toddler to get into bed? Beds are not just for sleeping in, they make great soft play areas too at least this dream bed! The bed would be a place where my girl could play with her favourite Lego Duplo, read books and cuddle with soft toys (or me). Playing makes you hungry so of course there would be a baby safe snack bar with the current favourites: milk, smoothies, bran flakes and pickles! My daughter likes the strangest foods! The bed would be self cleaning and all mess and crumbs would magically disappear (this is more mummy’s and daddy’s dream…). There would be a built in iPad loaded with my girl’s favourite shows Pippi Longstocking and Peppa Pig and also her favourite songs for dancing. What a great place for dancing this bed would be! You could dance as wild as you wish and jump around all over without worrying about falling over on hard floors. Perfect for an energetic dancer toddler like mine!

Design a Dream Bed with SilentNight and Win Prizes! A Mum Reviews

This blog post is part of the Silentnight Design A Bed competition. Be quick to enter because the competition closes tomorrow! Find all information here.

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