Different Ways to Enjoy Popcorn – National Popcorn Day 2024

Different Ways to Enjoy Popcorn - National Popcorn Day 2024

Different Ways to Enjoy Popcorn – National Popcorn Day 2024 | AD

It’s National Popcorn Day today so I thought it would be the perfect time to look at different ways that you can enjoy this tasty crunchy snack. Let’s get started!

Different Ways to Enjoy Popcorn - National Popcorn Day 2024
  • Try Gourmet Popcorn

If you haven’t yet tried gourmet popcorn from Joe & Seph’s, you have been missing out. The popcorn products from gourmet popcorn chef & connoisseur Joe & Seph’s are on a completely different level. The family run business has won lots of awards for their incredible flavours and create their products by hand by a small team of pastry chefs in their London Kitchens.

The high quality air-popped popcorn are available in lots of different and interesting flavours to suit all tastes. They are amazing! To celebrate National Popcorn Day, you can enjoy up to 50% off selected bundles until 22/01/2024 here.

The Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites that you can see above are completely irresistible – popcorn that have been hand-coated in Joe & Seph’s unique rich salted caramel sauce, then placed in a delicious silky milk chocolate cup. They are very moreish!

Different Ways to Enjoy Popcorn - National Popcorn Day 2024
  • Make Proper Homemade Popcorn

Regular popcorn is a simple but delicious snack and making proper popcorn from home is quick and easy. It’s also really affordable! Lots of people have grown up with microwave popcorn and, compared to popcorn popped on the hob, they taste like cardboard (in my opinion).

Growing up, my family used to have microwave popcorn but, one day, a friend of mine introduced me to popcorn made on the hob. There’s no going back. I like to use a mix of butter and oil (just butter burns easily) for popping popcorn at home. It’s so easy – just heat the fat slightly in a thick-bottomed pan, add a single layer of popcorn kernels, pop the lid on and wait for the popping to begin. Turn the heat down slightly and wait while your kernels turn into tasty popcorn! I love my homemade popcorn with a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. Popcorn kernels are readily available from supermarkets for around £1.50 per 500g bag. One of these bags lasts ages so is excellent value.

Recipe Joe & Seph's Cappuccino Layer Pots A Mum Reviews
  • Create Desserts with Popcorn

Popcorn makes a great addition to sweet treats and desserts too. I love experimenting with recipes or coming up with brand new creations myself when I fancy something sweet.

Above, you can see Joe & Seph’s Cappuccino Layer Pots (full recipe here) which are amazingly indulgent and super tasty! Perfect for coffee lovers. I also created a new recipe with popcorn for Christmas: Indulgent Festive Tiffin with Gourmet Popcorn, Macadamia Nuts & Cranberries (full recipe here) which also uses Joe & Seph’s popcorn. If you need any more popcorn recipe ideas, head over to their recipes section for inspiration.

Different Ways to Enjoy Popcorn - National Popcorn Day 2024

Sweet or savoury, simple or gourmet, homemade or shop-bought – popcorn makes a wonderful snack or tasty treat to enjoy today, on National Popcorn Day, and on any other day.


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