Diono Buggy Tech Station Review

Diono Buggy Tech Station Review A Mum Reviews

Diono Buggy Tech Station Review

The Diono Buggy Tech Station is a pushchair organiser with built-in media storage. It’s got room for all your essential and also one pocket for your phone and one for a tablet. This means you can always see your phone and never miss a phone call or message and you can let your child play with the tablet or watch a film to keep him or her entertained when out and about.Diono Buggy Tech Station Review A Mum Reviews

The organiser attaches to any pushchair configuration from two handles to handle bars. You open the velcro loops and simple hang the bag onto the handle/handles. It feels very secure thanks to the strong velcro.

The protective touch-screen compatible sleeves for a phone and a tablet fit most devices. The tablet case can be removed by opening the zip. This is great for older kids who like to hold the tablet themselves. When the sleeve is attached, the tablet can be seen when used in rear-facing pushchairs.Diono Buggy Tech Station Review A Mum Reviews

The size of the bag is 22 x 30.6 x 9 cm which makes it compact. Still, it’s very spacious and can fit lots of things. There’s a customisable and removable divider to make sure the bag fits your needs and there’s even an insulating neoprene pouch to keep a bottle in.

On the front, there are two more pockets that are perfect for small things like sunglasses, tickets, packets of chewing gum, cereal bars, etc.Diono Buggy Tech Station Review A Mum Reviews

I use this nearly every day  it’s so handy. I like to keep things within reach especially drinks, snacks, soothers, hand sanitiser, sun cream and sunglasses. This organiser fits all those items and many more. When I use this, I often don’t take a changing bag. I just put all the items just mentioned plus shoes, a change of clothes, nappies, wipes and nappy bags in the Buggy Tech Station and we’re ready to go. I put our travel changing mat in the shopping basket and for shorter outings we don’t need anything else.Diono Buggy Tech Station Review A Mum Reviews

One thing that I’m missing is an option to close the bag. I found that you can use the velcro bits from the media pockets and close it like I’ve done in the photo below but using the velcro like that damages the fabric slightly so it’s not an ideal solution.Diono Buggy Tech Station Review A Mum Reviews

We rarely use our gadgets when we are on the go with the pushchair and our Hauck travel system is not rear-facing so we can’t use the Buggy Tech Station to watch the tablet. I do however see how great this feature can be when travelling and you’re stuck in the airport or train station and need to entertain a child and keep him or her still at the same time.

The Buggy Tech Station saved us the other day when my sister was visiting. We were out shopping and the little one was refusing her nap and it got delayed quite a bit. We were stuck in a shop and she would not settle. I put my tablet in the tablet sleeve and played lullabies from an app. She could not see it since it was behind her but she could hear the music playing and soon settled and laid down and finally fell asleep. The tablet was safe and out of view too. There were no other ways I could have done this.

The Buggy Tech Station is quick and easy to remove and you can attach the open loops to each other to create one handle that makes the bag really easy to carry over your arm. I keep it packed and ready to go with most of the things we need so that I can just add drinks and grab it and go out. Diono Buggy Tech Station Review A Mum Reviews

When I’m in a crowded place like the city centre or out shopping, I don’t like to have valuables on show so I would not put them where you can see them in this bag for those occasions. For walks or less crowded spaces though, the phone pocket is absolutely brilliant for me. I’m known to miss phone calls because I can never hear my phone when it’s in my bag and having it right where I can see (and hear it!) in the Diono Buggy Tech Station means that I will not miss anything important.

I really like this bag and find that it helps me get everything ready more quickly when heading out and to stay organised on the go. I love that it allows me to have everything I need close by and that I have the option to use it for technology gadgets too. When you are not using the technology sleeves for their designated purpose you can, of course, store other items in those pockets.

Read more on the Diono website and buy from Amazon.co.uk or other shops that sell baby equipment. RRP is £20.00.

We were sent this product for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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