Easy Ways To Add Instant Style To Your Living Spaces

Easy Ways To Add Instant Style To Your Living Spaces

Easy Ways To Add Instant Style To Your Living Spaces

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, it’s natural to feel like your home has to look glossy-magazine-worthy at all times. Many of us are interested in interior design, but where do you start trying to revamp your décor and how do you achieve a beautiful aesthetic without breaking the bank? If you’re keen to add instant style to your living spaces, here are some simple tricks.

  • Add greenery

Greenery injects freshness and vibrancy into any room and it can also help you to create clean, airy living spaces. From tiny succulents to huge plants that fill landings, corners and entrance halls, you can use flowers, plants and potted trees to transform the look and ambience of your home. Before you buy plants, always check guidance to find a suitable spot and make sure you’re aware of any issues related to toxicity if you have pets. 

  • Change the colourway

Changing the colours of your walls, floors, countertops or accessories can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. If your décor is dated, or your kitchen or dining room look cramped and dark, switching up your palette will make a difference in an instant. Opt for light, crisp tones to turn bijou spaces into spacious, airy rooms, or add a splash of bright paint or a vividly patterned wallpaper to add personality to a space that lacks charm or character. If you don’t want to paint your walls or be too bold when it comes to colours, buy new accessories. You can introduce new tones and shades or channel different trends with accents and details like soft furnishings, vases and planters, candles, lamps and frames. 

Easy Ways To Add Instant Style To Your Living Spaces
  • Decorate your windows

Decorating your windows is an excellent way to draw attention to beautiful views and create new focal points. The curtains or blinds you choose and the accessories you use to tie curtains back or frame the window can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of the room. Opt for chic Roman blinds for a cool, contemporary office or dining area, or choose opulent, floor-length velvet curtains for a decadent, vintage vibe. Hang printed curtains to channel the Art Deco era or choose floral or plaid blinds for a quaint country kitchen. Explore styles, think about the theme of the room and always remember to double-check measurements. 

  • Add soft furnishings

Adding soft furnishings alters the appearance of living spaces, but it also affects the feel of the room. While throws, blankets and rugs in heavy, sumptuous fabrics create a cosy, intimate ambience, lightweight materials add instant freshness, creating cool, inviting spaces. Swap your soft furnishings according to the seasons and changes in your taste and style preferences. Wool, velvet, silk and faux fur bedding, cushion covers, rugs and curtains work well in the colder months while cotton, linen, jute, rattan and bamboo are perfect for summer. 

Do you long to have an Insta-worthy front room or a bedroom that looks like it could feature in the pages of an interior design magazine? Many of us want our homes to look more stylish and chic, but we don’t know where to start or how to achieve incredible transformations on a budget. If you’re keen to add instant style, take these tips on board. Add greenery and soft furnishings, freshen up your colour palette, accessorise and decorate your windows.

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