Excellent Gift Ideas for Autistic 7 Year Old Girl

Excellent Gift Ideas for Autistic 7 Year Old Girl

Excellent Gift Ideas for Autistic 7 Year Old Girl | AD

If you are looking for gift ideas for an autistic girl, you have come to the right place. This guide will take you through some excellent gift ideas for autistic 7 year old girls. From audiobook players and educational games, to fidget toys and sensory gifts, to creative gifts, to toys that encourage physical activity – you’ll find them all here. Most of these gifts would also be suitable for autistic girls who are slightly younger or older – perhaps in the 6-10 year old age range. Let’s get started and explore some wonderful gift ideas for girls with autism.

Voxblock Screen-free Audiobook Player + Books Autism Gift for Autistic Children

Audiobooks for Children with Autism

First, let’s explore one of my favourite gift ideas for children with autism – a screen-free audiobook player that’s really easy to use.

  • Voxblock Screen-free Audiobook Player + Books

Voxblock is a screen-free and Wi-Fi-free children’s audiobook player. It’s really easy to use independently for children of all ages. The audiobooks look like miniature books and simply slot into the player. The Voxblock audiobook player has just a few simple buttons that you use to select chapters, set the volume and to play and pause the book. It also has a bedtime mode feature that turns the player off after 20 minutes which is perfect for bedtime stories.

Audiobooks are great for all children but can be especially beneficial for neurodivergent children. This is because listening to a story instead of reading it can help autistic children better understand things like inflection and sarcasm. It also helps them with their reading comprehension.

Can You See Me Audiobook Bundle audiobook bundle Voxblock player autism

Many autistic children need soothing activities to help them recharge at different times throughout the day. Listening to an audiobook is a great activity like this.

Voxblock now has the brilliant book series by Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott available in the Can You See Me Audiobook Bundle. The books are also available individually. In this series, we follow Libby Scott’s diary entries and her own experiences of autism. It’s a widely praised book series for its realistic portrayal of autism. These books are amazing and great for autistic girls and for anyone with a family member or friend who has autism.

The Voxblock Starter packs with a Voxblock player, bumper and an audiobooks start at £59.99. Individual audiobooks start at just £5.99 and you get every 10th audiobook for free. Buy at voxblock.co.uk or via Amazon.co.uk.

Audiobooks and Educational Games for Children with Autism

An Educational App that Supports Autistic Children

Next, a terrific and fun learning app with physical characters to play with.

  • Edurino Digital Learning For Children

EDURINO is a digital learning app for children that has lots of amazing educational games. The games work with physical character figurines which is a bit different and lots of fun for little ones. The characters unlock different worlds of games and character-led stories. Children also use a special ergonomic pen while playing the games which practises fine motor skills and handwriting skills.

The games cover classic school skills (reading, writing, maths) along with other important skills such as logical thinking, creativity, and understanding of the environment. The figurines and games are available to buy individually or in bundles.

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

There are currently seven figurines to choose from. The newest addition is Phonics Skills with Mika which helps develop strong phonics foundations for building a lifelong love of reading. You can buy EDURINO products from their website here or via Amazon.co.uk.

EDURINO figurines autistic children

The games have been developed by expert educators to ensure that they meet age-appropriate learning objectives for children aged 4-8. The EDURINO app and games have become a valued tool for many parents with children who are autistic. You can read more about how EDURINO supports SEN children in this article here.

Plus Plus HEXEL Spectrum Fidget Toy Fidget Toys and Sensory Gifts for Autistic Children

Fidget Toys for Autistic Children

Lots of people will think of fidget toys and sensory toys when thinking about gift ideas for child with autism. Both these genres are excellent choices for toys for autistic children. Below, you can find some brilliant options for these categories.

Plus Plus HEXEL Spectrum Fidget Toy Fidget Toys and Sensory Gifts for Autistic Children

  • Plus-Plus HEXEL Spectrum Fidget Toy

HEXEL is a new addition to the wonderful Plus-Plus range. It’s a new fidget toy for hands of all sizes. It’s crafted with six Plus-Plus BIG pieces that are connected by a flexible cord. This allows you to flex the toy to create different forms or to simply use as a soothing fidget.

Plus Plus HEXEL Spectrum Fidget Toy Fidget Toys and Sensory Gifts for Autistic Children

It’s a great fidget toy that you can pop in your pocket and take with you anywhere. It’s quiet too so can be used anywhere. Here you can see the Spectrum colourway in its beautiful rainbow colours. It’s also available in Waterfall (blue shades) and Bubblegum (pastel colours).

Plus-Plus HEXEL is available to purchase from Amazon.co.uk and other good toy and gift stores.

Learning Resources Cool Down Cubes Sensory Fidget Set Gift ideas for autistic children

  • Learning Resources Cool Down Cubes Sensory Fidget Set

This Learning Resources Cool Down Cubes Sensory Fidget Set includes four different fidgets suitable for children aged 3+. The set features four different calming fidget actions to help children with emotional regulation. They provide a great way to help children calm down, reduce anxiety, and manage their feelings and emotions. The four different actions are: squeeze the foam, spin the spinner, solve the maze, and sift the falling beads. The set includes a tray for the four cubes to be stored on which is very handy.

The Best Slime Set with Play Tray

Sensory Gifts for Children with Autism

Sensory play is a great activity, especially for children with autism. It provides a calming and soothing experience which can be helpful for regulating emotions.

Canal Toys So Slime Mix 'In Sensations 3-in-1 ASMR Desk Review

  • Canal Toys So Slime Mix ‘In Sensations 3-in-1 ASMR Desk

This is an amazing slime play set from Canal Toys. It consists of six stackable pots with compounds of different types, four different types of decorations to mix into the compounds, and a desk which works as a play tray and storage for the products. Playing with slime can be a great sensory activity for children with autism to enjoy and this set is a great choice! The slimes are great, and the desk makes it easy for children to keep things organised and also helps to minimise mess. Read my full review of the Canal Toys So Slime Mix ‘In Sensations 3-in-1 ASMR Desk here.

Jellystone Calm Down Sensory Bottle

  • Jellystone Designs Calm Down Sensory Bottle

The Calm Down Bottle from Jellystone Designs is a DIY sensory bottle. The set includes everything a child needs to create their own sensory bottle at home. Sensory bottles are a great tool for children to help them soothe, calm, and self-regulate. They’re especially useful for neurodivergent children.

Simply add water and the themed contents to the tactile bottle and fasten the lid. Then your child has their very own sensory bottle to enjoy. You can buy fun refill packs for these bottles too to create new versions when it’s time to refresh the contents.

Weighted Blanket for Kids Gifts for autistic girls

A Different Sensory Gift

  • Weighted Blanket for Kids

Another sensory item that would make a great gift is a weighted blanket for kids. These can provide comfort and feel soothing which can help autistic children regulate their emotions and help them feel calm and relaxed. Great for naps or for when relaxing with a film or a book. Above you can see a 3kg weighted blanket in a unicorn/rainbow design and a space design, both from the brand OHS which is available from Amazon.

CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack Review

Creative Gifts for Autistic Girls

Toys and craft sets that encourage calm, creative play are an excellent choice when you’re looking for gift ideas for autistic 7 year old children. Construction toys or fun art sets like the ones below make wonderful gifts.

CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack Review

  • CONNETIX Pastel Set

CONNETIX tiles are award-winning magnetic tiles that children can use to build 2D patterns or fun 3D creations. They’re safe and strong and provide endless fun for children of different ages. The CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack features a mix of different shapes in eight stunning earthy pastel colours for kids to build with. You can read my full CONNETIX 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack review here for more details and photos.

Elsa Crystal Art Buddies

  • Crystal Art Buddies

Craft sets make wonderful gifts for autistic girls, especially ones with clear instructions and steps to follow. Crystal Art Buddies are a great choice. They are fun to do, provide a calming activity, are easy to do and the result is great! Once the activity is completed, the child gets a lovely creation to display in their room.

There are so many different characters to choose from too. This makes it possible for you to choose the child’s favourite character or franchise, making the gift even more special. Browse them all on the Craft Buddy website (some are available through their Amazon store too). Here you can see the Elsa Crystal Art Buddy (Disney Series 3) which is perfect for all Frozen fans.

Toys that Encourage Physical Activity Stepping Stones

Toys that Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity is important for everyone of course. For autistic girls, it can provide a great way to decrease negative behaviours and hyperactivity for example. It can also be a form of entertainment and helps increase coordination, strength, and body awareness too. As autistic children tend to have special interests and often enjoy doing the same things over and over again, you might find that they are really good at their preferred sport or game too.

Stepping stones autism gift guide for autistic children

  • Balance Stepping Stones

Further up, you can see Stapelstein stepping stones which are amazing! They’re great quality, so much fun, and look nice too! They are quite expensive though (but worth it!). There are plenty of more budget-friendly options available from Amazon.co.uk though, like these star shaped stepping stones or these stepping stones that are a cheaper alternative to the Stapelstein ones. They can be used indoors or outdoors and provide lots of play options.

Pogo stick gift idea for autistic girls

  • Pogo Stick

A Foam Pogo Jumper is another excellent toy that keeps kids active whilst having fun. This one has a foam base that squeaks which makes it even more entertaining for children! It’s safe and won’t leave any marks on floors either, thanks to the non-slip rubber sole. The flexible and stretchy rubber hose means children of all heights can enjoy hopping (even grown-ups up to 250 pounds). Great for playing with indoors or outdoors and for using up some energy!

Balance cushion for autistic children

  • Wobble Balance Cushion Board

A Core Balance Wobble Cushion makes a versatile gift for an autistic child. It’s designed to be an exercise tool for balance and core strength but can also be used as a sensory cushion to sit on.

Children can enjoy balancing on it to move their body or simply sit on it whilst doing other things. These wobble cushions from Core Balance feature different textures on the two sides so that you can choose which one you prefer too. One has an anti-slip design while the other one has acupressure bobbles that targets trigger points.

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    Conclusion – Gift Ideas for Autistic 7 Year Old Girl

    Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas if you’re wondering what to buy for an autistic 7 year old. Autistic children can enjoy all kinds of toys, but in this article I have highlighted some options that I think are especially well suited to the needs and interests of many autistic girls around this age group. Just like any other child, autistic children have their own personal interests too of course. It’s always a good idea to ask the parent of the child what they think their child would like or if they have any special interests that are extra important at the moment.

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