Festive Beauty Tips – 5 False Eyelashes Tips for Busy Mums

Festive Beauty Tips – 5 False Eyelashes Tips for Busy Mums A Mum Reviews

Festive Beauty Tips – 5 False Eyelashes Tips for Busy Mums

When you get a rare and deserved night out, you want to look your best and maybe you want to do something a bit special for an event or a night out during this extra festive time of the year.

Professional lash extensions will always get you the best results but you can achieve beautiful lashes with false eyelashes at home too.

False eyelashes can quickly add a bit of glamour and are not too difficult to use nor too time-consuming apply once you’ve practiced a few times. Visit your eyelash extension supplier online to get your own eyelash extensions.

In this article, you’ll find some helpful tips for using false eyelashes for a night out. Read on, try the tips and enjoy a fun night out for YOU.

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False Eyelashes Tips

  • Trim first

It may seem obvious, but not all false eyelashes fit one size and different ones suit different eye shapes better. Take some eyelash tweezers and hold your chosen lashes up to your eyes so you can determine the exact length that you need. Take note of how much to trim away but don’t put the lashes right up to the duct as this will only look unnatural.

This will save plenty of time as opposed to gluing them first and then deciding they look odd.

Festive Beauty Tips – 5 False Eyelashes Tips for Busy Mums A Mum Reviews

  • Curve the lashes

The more curved the lash band is, the easier lashes are to apply. So, wrap your eyelashes around a make-up brush to get the curl, while you do your lipstick, for example.

If you think you’ve bent them into a circle, don’t worry. It’s much easier to apply them like this rather than pinning and holding both sides down when they’re straight out of the packet.

  • Wait for the glue to go tacky

The best tip for quick application is to wait a few seconds for the glue to go tacky before you stick them to your natural lashline. You can tell this has happened by touch but some brands will turn blue if using a clear glue.

If you try to apply lashes too soon the glue will be more likely to slip and slide than take hold, meaning you spend valuable ‘going out time’ still in!

  • Look down into a mirror

It may sound silly but looking down to a mirror when applying fake eyelashes is the easiest way to get them to attach. This is because you can see right to the base of your lashes making it much easier to see how close to your natural eyelashes you are. It also helps to have two elbows on a table while you do it.

Festive Beauty Tips – 5 False Eyelashes Tips for Busy Mums A Mum Reviews

  • Try magnetic lashes

If time really is of the essence, trying to apply glue, getting it stuck on your fingers and then trying to apply false eyelashes quickly to your eyelid before they dry, may sound like the stuff of nightmares when you’ve got a toddler running around demanding re-runs of Frozen.

But magnetic lashes save time and effort when it’s needed most so swerve the glue!

With a central tiny magnet on the lashes they’re virtually impossible to see by the time you’ve got the rest of your make-up on.  Simply lock the ends together and put in place on the top eyelash for the perfect flutter. They’re easy to remove too so no more peeling or scaring the children in the morning…

 A Mum Reviews

Hopefully you’ve learned some top tips on how to apply falsies quickly for a top night out!

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