Finding the Best Moving Company For Shipping From USA To England

Finding the Best Moving Company For Shipping From USA To England A Mum Reviews

Finding the Best Moving Company For Shipping From USA To England

The UK is one of the best places to relocate and start a new beginning in your life. But, when we plan to move from one country to another, we got hit by numerous doubts and confusion. You don’t have to worry about the process as we have got you covered. The first thing you need to get started is choosing the best movers like SDC International Shipping USA to UK.

Quick Tips For Shipping Household Goods From USA to UK

  • Get the paperwork done first

While shifting from one country to another, the very initial thing to focus on is the complete paperwork. Right from the VISA, immigration to all the no dues and insurance papers, you need to check them all. Make sure passports of your family are updated and no formality is due from your side. Do check if any of your family members need to have any kind of special Visa or immigration paper. It’s better to visit the official immigration website and check out all the necessary papers you will need to move smoothly.

Get in touch with your bank to inform them about your immigration. This will help you in saving taxes and get everything cleared from both your and the bank’s side.

Finding the Best Moving Company For Shipping From USA To England A Mum Reviews

  • Shipping electronics to the UK

Your heavy appliances including washing machines, dryers, dishwashers won’t work in England because of the voltage difference. It’s better to sell all these heavy appliances here and got new there. In the U.S. the voltage supply is 120 V and the UK has got a supply of 240 V. Along with this, the plug shape is also different from commonly found in the USA.

You can ship your small appliances and use them leveraging a plug converter and a stabilizer. Before you plan to pack all your appliances, it’s better to talk to your shipping agent. They will get you through the entire list of what you can ship and what you can’t. Check the list of all the allowed appliances in the official immigration website.

Apart from the electronics, there is also a difference between the mattresses and bed sheet sizes. Check all these small yet important things first and then make the final shipping list. This will help you in optimizing your budget.

A Mum Reviews

  • Shipping your car to the UK

You won’t face any issue in shipping your car to the UK. You might need to pay some taxes and duties to get it cleared from the customs. But, the vehicle you are carrying with you should meet the UK’s criteria. It may include the allowed car model (based on year of manufacturing), the weight of the vehicle, availability of all the necessary papers and your complete license details. Make sure your driving license is also updated and has no dues pending.

And, if you are planning to ship a brand new car, you need to pay an additional 20% VAT along with other applicable taxes and duties. Ask your shipping company about the car shipping and they will help you out with all the important papers you will need to ship your car.

  • Customs and Regulation of the UK

Every country has its customs and the UK is no different from others. You must have a complete inventory of your shipping containers as precise as possible. It’s very important to hire an experienced and professional shipping company so they will make the entire process smoother for you. If you are planning to ship brand new goods made up of wood, you need to mention it clearly before shipping them. They should adhere to the health regulation decided by the EU and the UK.

You need to get your EORI number. It’s Economic Operators Registration and Identification number if you are shipping any kind of commercial goods with you. Better check the official website and read everything carefully about what certification and papers you will need to clear the immigration smoothly.

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  • Let your shipping company know everything in advance

When we are moving internationally, the rules are way different than the domestic shipping process. Hire an international shipping company in advance so that they can help you in carrying out everything much faster. If you are also shipping some commercial items with your household shipment, let your shipping company know about it. Keeping everything clear and precise will help you save both time and money. You don’t want to get into any kind of hassle, right? Talk to the shipping executive or visit their office and clear all the important paperwork in advance.

Hire an experienced international shipping company that will help you in quickly getting everything. Choose a company that will offer entire Packing, Shipping and delivering including insurance – Internationally at one place and save you a lot of time throughout the entire shipping process.

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