Footwear Fashion Statements: 5 Ways to Pick The Perfect Shoes For Any Outfit

Footwear Fashion Statements: 5 Ways to Pick The Perfect Shoes For Any Outfit

Footwear Fashion Statements: 5 Ways to Pick The Perfect Shoes For Any Outfit

Most people put great effort into their outfits, so they look good, but many ignore their footwear. However, just as you pay attention to your outfit, you should also do the same for your footwear. It is essential that your outfit complements your footwear and isn’t mismatched. With soda brand shoes, you would never go wrong!

When you want to ensure that your outfits and footwear match, you might need clarification about what to pair your outfit with. You should feel reassured, because there are several ways to pick the perfect shoes for any outfit and you can learn about these below. Let’s begin.

Footwear Fashion Statements: 5 Ways to Pick The Perfect Shoes For Any Outfit

1. Consider the dress code and occasion

People usually wear shoes based on their outfits. This is why you must first select the type of dress or outfit you want to wear. For example, you wouldn’t wear sweatpants and pair them with high-end shoes.

Heels are a perfect choice for most smart outfits. They come in different structures, shapes, and sizes, and there are heels for all occasions. You should be wearing something other than sneakers or casual footwear for a formal event.

For cocktails, parties, and other semi-formal occasions, strappy heels and open-toed and closed-toed shoes best suit such occasions. If you are going out with your friends at night, you can experiment with various styles.

Mastering your fashion sense ensures that you only sometimes depend on the suggestion of others. But, if you are a beginner, following the fashion sense of a person who has mastered the art is fine.

Footwear Fashion Statements: 5 Ways to Pick The Perfect Shoes For Any Outfit

2. Ensure comfort

A shoe might look impressive but not feel amazing. If you intend to stand with them for a long time, ensure they are comfortable. You wouldn’t want to feel miserable at a party because your feet hurt.

Before an event, wear in new shoes by walking around in them to know how they feel, and also wear them with tights and socks. If they hurt or rub anywhere, you can put a plaster there if you feel that you still want to wear them.

Plus, you can ask for an opinion from a family member or a friend. It might include them looking at the shoe and outfit together and giving their opinion. You can also ask a shop assistant for their opinion if you’re shopping for new shoes or clothes.

Footwear Fashion Statements: 5 Ways to Pick The Perfect Shoes For Any Outfit

3. Consider the color

Color is one of the essential factors you should consider when wearing or buying shoes. Your shoes should either complement or match your clothes. If you are still determining the right shoe color, you can get suggestions from your clothes.

For example, a black dress would go well with black heels, while red flags or pumps would fit a red dress. You can also choose to wear neutral shoes whenever you are in doubt. For example, if your dress has a busy print, you should wear simple shoes.

A solid color or white or basic black shoes can help you avoid clashing colors. You can experiment with several colors and shoe textures if you wear a monochromatic outfit. For example, you can try patent leather flats or velvet heels for an all-black dress. Strappy sandals or espadrille wedges would also go well with an all-white outfit.

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4. Consider the season

Considering that the season isn’t only about fashion or what’s trending, it is an efficient consideration. For example, you should wear something other than sandals during winter or boots in summer.

During winter, a closed-toe shoe is the best bet to keep your feet warm, while an open-toed shoe would be perfect during summer. Investing in strappy sandals would also be a good idea if you have several sundresses.

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5. Consider your bag

Your bag can be an inspiration for picking the perfect shoes. For example, you can wear black shoes if your purse is black. However, if you carry a brown bag, your shoes should also match it. This also goes for other color combinations, so you don’t get a mismatched look. A mismatched look means you should have considered your outfit and shoes more.

Also, your shoes can be a different color than your bag. If you carry a black handbag, you can have a pop of color with blue or red shoes. You must ensure that the colors complement and they don’t clash. This principle will also apply if you wear a belt with your outfit. The aim is to look cohesive.

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Wrap up

Shoes are an essential part of fashion, and every person must know how to choose the right shoe. However, selecting the right pair of shoes to wear can take a lot of work. Some shoes complement your dress, while others will make you stunning in your gown.

On the other hand, making a poor choice of shoes can make you look tragic. This is why you must know the right shoe to wear. The tips mentioned above should help you achieve that.

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