Free Public Toilets Sheffield City Centre – Including Baby Change Facilities

Free Public Toilets Sheffield City Centre - Including Baby Change Facilities A Mum Reviews

Free Public Toilets Sheffield City Centre – Including Baby Change Facilities

If you’re out and about in Sheffield city centre and nature calls, you are probably wondering where you can find public toilets that are free to use. In this guide, I’ve collected the best options for free public toilets in Sheffield city centre, stretching from the Sheffield train station up to Broomhill.

Good options – Quick list of free public toilets Sheffield:

  • Sheffield Train Station Platform Toilets
  • Millennium Gallery Sheffield
  • Sheffield Central Library
  • Marks & Spencer Sheffield
  • The Light Cinema Sheffield
  • Weston Park Museum

Free Public Toilets Sheffield Train Station - Including Baby Change Facilities

Sheffield Train Station

Let’s start at the train station and work our way up to Broomhill. At the main entrance/exit of the train station in Sheffield, there are toilets but these are not free to use. However, there are free toilets located on several of the platforms. These are open from early until late and convenient if you’re travelling by train.

Free Public Toilets Sheffield City Centre Millennium Gallery Sheffield Children's Library Sheffield Central Library Baby Change

Millennium Gallery Sheffield

Just up the hill from the train station, you’ll find Millennium Gallery. The downstairs area has great public toilets that are free to use. There’s also a baby changing room and an accessible toilet here.

Sheffield Central Library

Next, the Sheffield Central Library which is next to Millennium Gallery. The children’s library downstairs has free toilets that are accessible and have baby changing facilities too. There are free toilets in the main part of the library too.

Free Public Toilets Sheffield City Centre High Street Marks & Spencer - Including Baby Change Facilities A Mum Reviews

Marks & Spencer Sheffield

Marks & Spencer is located on the high street, Fargate, in Sheffield. Upstairs in M&S, there are plenty of free to use public toilets as well as a large baby changing room and a large accessible / disabled toilet. There’s a lift to get upstairs for easy access for everyone.

The Light Cinema Sheffield Free Toilets

The Light Cinema Sheffield

If you are visiting The Moor in Sheffield, there is a public toilet inside The Light Cinema. It’s most likely aimed at cinema customers and customers for the food establishment on this floor but there are no signs saying you can’t use it. This toilet is located before the ticket barriers and is a large accessible one with space to change your baby too.

Other public toilets down The Moor include The Moor Market Public Toilets and NEXT but I haven’t seen them personally so have not included them in my list of recommendations as I can’t confirm if they are free or kept in good condition.

Weston Park Museum Sheffield Free Public Toilets

Weston Park Museum

A bit further up from the main part of city centre is Weston Park Museum which is a lovely and free museum in Sheffield. It’s a great place for a day out with the kids – the museum itself is lovely and it’s located in a large park with another park just next to it. There are several toilets inside the museum and they are free to use. Additionally, there are several baby change toilets and accessible toilets available too.

Orchard Square Public Toilets Sheffield Closed

CLOSED: Orchard Square Shopping Centre

The toilets in Orchard Square used to be our go to free public toilets in Sheffield city centre, but they were closed last time I checked and I believe they might have been permanently closed now. Don’t worry, many of the above are very close to this location so there are still plenty of options.

Are there any cafés in Sheffield with free toilets?

There are some cafés in Sheffield where you can pop in and use the toilets without having to ask for a key but it might be frowned upon. The toilet facilities in cafés are meant for paying customers so if you do need to pop into an establishment to borrow the toilets there, it’s of course polite to ask first and to purchase something on your way out if you can.

Which toilets have good baby change facilities and disabled access?

LocationBaby Changing FacilitiesDisabled / Accessible Toilet
Sheffield Train Station Platform ToiletsYes, key might be needed.Yes, key needed. (Platforms 5, 6/8)
Millennium Gallery SheffieldYes.Yes, key needed.
Sheffield Central LibraryYes.Yes, no key needed.
Marks & Spencer SheffieldYes.Yes, no key needed.
The Light Cinema SheffieldYes.Yes, no key needed.
Weston Park MuseumYes.Yes, no key needed.

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