Book Review & Giveaway: Darkmouth – It’s about to get legendary

It’s about to get legendary - Darkmouth Book Review & Giveaway A Mum Reviews

It’s about to get legendary – Darkmouth Book Review & Giveaway

Introducing “the book that can’t wait to get its teeth into you”: Darkmouth the first book in a new book series aimed at kids from age 9+, written by Shane Hegarty, arts editor for the Irish Times.

Darkmouth is a town in Ireland where the border between our world and the world of monsters (Legends!) is very thin. The main character Finn is the son of the last remaining Legend Hunter and therefore he will be the last remaining Legend Hunter! Is he up to the challenge? He’s actually not very good at being a Legend Hunter…

The terrifying leader of the Legends is planning an attack on earth though, coincidentally and unfortunately in Darkmouth. How will Finn cope? Will he be a hero?

It’s about to get legendary - Darkmouth Book Review & Giveaway A Mum Reviews

From a parent’s perspective:

This seems like a very exciting book for children between the ages 8 and 12. I love that it’s a proper hardcover book and that it is a long book perfect for children who are big readers and don’t want the story to end too soon! There are so many books for this age group that are so thin. The language in the book is great too, not too complicated but also not to simple either a great balance that is ideal for kids of this age to help their language and reading develop further.

From a child’s perspective:

The reader I chose to review this book with me is a nine-year-old boy and he loved this book from the very start to the end and is looking forward to the next part in the series. It’s been reported back to me that he went straight to the book to read more after school and continued to read more at bedtime. He said it was very exciting, funny and cool and he really liked the character Finn. He also loved the cool cover design and keeps the book on display now after he’s finished reading it. I think he’ll reread it soon! Whenever I see him, he asks me when the next book will be out.

Eoin Colfer (author of Artemis Fowl) describes Darkmouth as:

“Incredible. The next big thing.”

Watch the official trailer for Darkmouth below and scroll down a bit further to enter my competition to win a copy of the book!


For a chance to win a copy of Darkmouth, enter my giveaway using the Rafflecopter below. Terms and conditions apply. Only open to UK entrants. The competition ends on the 26th of February 2015 at 12:00 a.m.

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Darkmouth is also available in e-book format and will soon be available in paperback format and as an audio book read by Andrew Scott (Moriarty). Visit for a chance to win a limited edition T-Shirt.

We were sent a copy of Darkmouth for this review. As always, my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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