Helping Your Child Get A Great Night’s Sleep: 22 Top Tips

Helping Your Child Get A Great Night's Sleep: 22 Top Tips A Mum Reviews

Helping Your Child Get A Great Night’s Sleep: 22 Top Tips

One thing that all parents wish for is for their babies and children to sleep well and preferably all through the night. It means the parents get some alone time and a good night’s sleep themselves and also that the kids are well rested to enjoy the activities and adventures that the next day brings.

Getting your child to sleep well is not always easy, though! Some babies seem to be born good sleepers and others need to learn the skill. My daughter is definitely the latter. She’s never slept well and at 19 months old she still gets up once most nights.

This infographic shows 22 top tips from 22 child sleep experts. Maybe some of them are things you haven’t thought about and the method you’ve been looking for! I’ll definitely be trying some of the tips with my little girl.

The infographic is by Sleepy People and there’s a blog post to go with it with some more in depth information here.

Expert Child Sleep Tips

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